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command structure usb --> marlin

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To write a small program to dump gcode to marlin through the usb port, how does the command structure on on the usb port looks like?

In other words, what command on the usb port do i need to make the x-stepper move 1 step to the right?

I do not want to harm our beautifull ultimaker and we do not have a test configuration, therefore i want to be a little carefull before i start dumping hex codes on the arduino.

(other movements also welcome)


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The Ultimaker shows up as a serial port om your computer. The commands to control The Ultimaker via the Marlin firmware are Plain text command called G-Code.

I don't know if a Marlin specific reference of G-code exists, but a general documentation for reprap descendant machines like the ultimaker is available at http://reprap.org/wiki/G-code.

For the actual command set you can check https://github.com/bkubicek/Marlin/blob/master/Marlin/Marlin.pde, which contains the Marlin source code for communications.

regards, Johan


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The baud rate is fixed when the firmware is compiled. 250000 is generally used for Macs and Windows connections. I think the 115200 baud versions of the firmware are used with Linux machines because there are (were?) problems getting the kernel to reliably support higher speeds.

So, you need to know what speed the firmware is expecting you to talk to it, and then talk at that speed, or else you'll get gibberish.


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