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  1. My guess is the power adapter can't deliver enough juice when the heated bed comes on. Try if turning the heat bed off will allow you to start a print.
  2. @Nicolinux: Do you check "Remember me" when logging in?
  3. Why should you need to strip away the youtube.com part. Seems cumbersome and error prone to copy part of the link only. I think it would be more intuitive and easier to allow "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=...." to be pasted. I can't see why that would make it harder to figure out which video should be embedded. You can still allow "/watch?v=...." since that already works
  4. Daid, A little off topic but, I have wondered for some time now, how do you play Carcassonne using these tiles? When I've played you pick tiles facing down to get a random tile, doesen't seem to work with 3D-tiles.. Oh well they are nice anyway Johan
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