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Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

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Posted · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

I upgraded the feeders of my S5 to Bondtech QR and I'm trying to find a way to make the flow sensor work...


That's why I wanted the STL of the feeder base so I can modify it to become just a flow sensor, not a feeder. I could then just connect a bowden tube from this feeder (now only a flow sensor) to the bondtech QR feeder and it should work.


The ultimaker 3 feeder is totally different and the flow sensor doesn't fit inside.


I guess I can try to redesign it from scratch but it probably takes a lot of trial and error to make a good fit for the flow sensor and I'm unsure if this is a good idea. Maybe small differences to the original design are going to cause problems for the flow sensor to work accurately...


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    Posted (edited) · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

    @akke how has the upgrade gone? do you print flexible stuff?  I'm pretty disappointed with my S5's TPU printing performance and looking to upgrade the drive system/extuder, if it'll help.

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    Posted (edited) · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

    I upgraded to the Bondtech QR's also. I've built custom housings for the flow sensors. These hang below the Bondtech extruders. My plan is to share it with the community, but the design needs a few minor tweaks to make filament loading easier—right now really stiff support filaments like BVOH are very hard to thread from the flow sensor to the Bondtech where the two holes are back-to-back. My design needs a few parts from McMaster-Carr and some threaded inserts from eBay:


    (2) M3 x 4 x 4 mm Brass Threaded Inserts

    (2) M3 x 0.5 x 14 mm Stainless Steel Flat Head Screw

    (2) M3 x 0.5 x 16 mm Plastic Knob Shoulder Thumbscrew

    (2) M3 x 10 mm Buttonhead Cap Screw (92095A182)
    (2) M3 Washer (93475A210)


    I also replaced the springs with stiffer ones,


    The rest of the parts are recycled from the UM S5 flow sensors (bearings, plastic arms, PCB).


    I had the final (well, the almost final) cases printed at 3D Hubs by MJF, which is a bit cheaper and nicer than SLS. But you can print these with an 0.25 mm nozzle at 0.1 mm layer height. They just are a bit fragile at the post that holds the bearing (outside) and the threaded inserts (inside it).


    I can share my Fusion 360 files if people want to play with them. 


    The problem with these kinds of hacks is that hardware is never sold in packs of two! So if anyone wants to reimburse me for the cost of printing the 2 cases and 4 lids on 3D Hubs ($136 delivered, but less than half of that if several people go in together!), I'm happy to assemble the whole thing with all the extra parts I have and ship them to you by USPS.


    I also posted a PDF below for a laser cut 1/4" Plexiglas mount that uses the original screw holes in the UM S5 to enable you to attach the Bondtech QRs up near the very top of the back wall of the printer. You need to tap the green holes to match the screws you use to mount your Bondtech QR lower bracket. For me, they were M5 x 0.8 mm. All the holes include an 0.25 mm kerf for the laser, but if yours is different, you will need to modify them.








    Bondtech QR Left & Rigth UM S5 Mounts.pdf

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    Posted (edited) · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

    It would be nice if we can print this on the S5 without needing MJF or SLS printed parts. But I  think we should be able to print this with those stronger filaments out there these days, don't you think?


    I would really love to see your fusion 360 files. I want to experiment with them and report back.


    Thanks in advance


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    Posted · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

    You can definitely print these in iON nylon (a nylon/ABS alloy from 3DXTech) but I tried a few other filaments and wasn’t happy with the results. You’ll need to use soluble support and a very fine layer height. PM me and I’ll reply with a download link for the files. But I did go ahead and order four pairs of MJF printed housings of my latest revision. (Ordering 4 was $10 more expensive than ordering just 1!) so if you are willing to provide me with detailed feedback on the housings, I’d be happy to send a pair to you for beta testing. I didn’t order front and rear covers, but you can print those yourself if you want them. They help keep dust out, but aren’t strictly needed. 


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    Posted · Ultimaker S5 feeder STL?

    Ok Phil. I’ll send you a pm 🙂



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