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A omnibus order for GT2 belts shipped to Germany

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.. next to my original thread in the german UM section (http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/3367-umstieg-auf-gt2-belts-pulleys-erfahrungen-infos/) of this forum I want to make the same proposal in english here, because possibly not everyone who could be potentially interested is active there.


Primarily I planned this offer for people who lives in Germany because of the bad availability here of the appropriate product. But of course it could maybe be interesting for people from other countrys next to Germany or from the EU generally. Please feel free to jump in and ask.


After foehnsturms great MXL pulleys I decided to go the next step to an imho better machine. I ordered GT2 pulleys to go with that system for the future. There are a few dealers for this pulleys in Germany / in the EU. So purchasing them is not a big problem. But: after a few days of searching at all google listed sites which offers GT2 belts, I had to recognize that there is no dealer in Germany for the correct endless belt. Damn..


But before I go with bulk stock (for this there are dealers in Germany) and a printed clamp I wanted to know what possibilities I have to receive the belts from the USA. I contacted B&B Manufacturing (one of two dealers with the right belt in program) and they told me that they can ship to Germany. I'm awaiting a second mail with the shipping costs. Then I'm also able to calculate the tax and so on.


Besides this, the price becomes cheaper with a higher quantity. For each UM (Original) you will need 4 GT2 belts (using direct-drive). The price for one belt is 8,85$ (6,56€) (+ shipment, tax). From 10 pcs. up to 25 pcs. the price is just 7,97$ (5,91€) (+ shipment, tax).

The Article of our interest is the 606-2P-06. A GT2 belt with 303 teeth and a length of 606mm. I talked to Nick who is using this type of belt already in his UM successfully.


The question is: is someone interested to join my order? If it becomes a omnibus order it would be a bit cheaper for everyone. If so, please place your name here for a not binding list of interested people and I will look what's possible.


If I get new informations I will post them asap.


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Yes you're right. But for the omnibus order only the belts are interesting, because they are nearly impossible to purchase in Germany in the right length. ;)


For the pulleys I recommend www.lipoly.de. That's a dealer in Germany for Adafruit parts. I bought my pulleys there too. The price is good imho and you don't have to pay high shipping or customs.


So far I haven't any response from the dealer in the USA about the shipping costs. They will answer in the next days for sure.


I've started the non-binding list of interested persons under my first post and added you, alright?


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Something new about the shipping costs:


B&B Man. would send the belts by USPS using a Flat Rate Box. If we take more than 8 belts we need a Medium Flat Rate Box. With that box we can grab up to 24 belts, maybe 28.


The shipping costs for the Medium Flat Rate Box are 59.95USD (44,35€) plus an additional insurance up to 200.00USD for 4.75USD (3,51€). Altogether we have an amount of 64.70USD (47,87€).


In addition, in Germany we have to pay the VAT of 19% for the goods and shipment. Besides this there are no custom charges until 202.00USD (150,00€).


That means: we really need a few more people. ;)


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Hi Amano,

Would be interested in joining your bulk order.

Can I still join?



Of course you can! Would be great because the shipping costs would be much more bearable for everyone. Added you on the list for now. :)

I ordered a GT2 belt cut to size from a Spanish guy on ebay. That should work for you right?

I'll try to find a link and post it. I also bought some pulleys from him and everything seems pretty well made.

Interesting - any information is welcome. You're using the GT2 system on your UM right now!? The spanish eBay seller cutted it to the right length or you did? Sounds like he sells belts as bulk stock right? GT2 belts as bulk stock you can also buy in Germany.


The reason why I want to use 606mm endless belts is, that they fit without any clamp or tensioner. I already talked to jumpmobile via PM about it: I currently plan a YX sliding block which has a GT2 clamp included. That can maybe be a cheaper alternative to the endless belts.

Hi Chopmeister,

Would be great if you can post it. Any idea where I can find the gt2 pulley with the 8 mm hole?

You want to buy it in Germany, right? Have a look at lipoly.de. They sell the Adafruit parts. GT2 pulley with 8mm bore: http://www.lipoly.de/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=250693

These guys do a cheap one. http://www.robotdigg.com/product/61/S2M-Pulley . Maybe too cheap. Don't know.

This shop is interesting, does anyone have experiences with this online shop?

When buying the gt2 belts which sizes do I have to buy?



Oh be careful. I also find this shop on my GT2 research. But I found some bad reviews about it too. I never bought anything there - but the prices are implausible cheap. I'm not sure..

Normally you need the 6mm belt width.


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