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The Gingel Bells Ultimaker Christmas Competition :-) :-) :-)

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Whats better than doing something creative ?... Answer.. doing something amazing.... that also helps others.


So therefore I would like to invite the whole amazing ultimaker family to participate in

The Gingel Bells

Ultimaker Christmas Competition :-) :-) :-)


The whole idea is to use your ultimaker to print or create something really beautiful for the Christmas Season.

Something that radiates happiness and creativity and makes the people that you love around you even happier :-)


You can make your own design or just simply take designs off the Internet and make beautiful print.


In 3 weeks from now, you can submit here or on the ultimaker forum your designs.


The winning design will be chosen on creativity, print quality and ... genius ! ;-)




I really want every one to get involved in this design competition and have fun. so I have thought of a special prize for this competition.


The winner gets 2 things ! :-) :-)


First is...The winner will nominate a children's charity anywhere in the World and I will donate the last 100 euros on my bank account to that organisation. I know its not much but its everything I have :-)

Secondly, the winner will receive a home made German Christmas cake baked fresh by me and my girlfriend.



As the old saying goes... Its better to give than take,,, and that's why I'm donating the last pennies, pounds and euros on my bank account to this competition :-)


God Bless you all and HAVE BUCKETS OF FUN in the next 3 weeks.


Ian :-)



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I would have wanted to participate! :-P


But without machines, it will be hard! :mrgreen:


Mega LOL! :oops: :oops: :oops:


To be honest.. its Christmas time... :-) :-) :-)

So If you can put together a very cool design on paper or even better in 3d... then we can print it for you !! :-)

So the game is still open for you ! :-)


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try an exorcism ?? try printing this new stl that took me 2.6 seconds to model.. wow..

this one will burn the vodoo ghosts out of your ultimaker !

Ian :-)



I have something coming, albeit a bit boring. There's just one problem, my printer is racist... It seems to hate black PLA for some reason :lol:

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hi Ian

i really like the idea behind this post and what you are doing for the forum in general :)

I didnt make a completely new design for Christmas but was asked to print a model i did a few months ago for a few friends of mine to give their little nephews (one in Munich, the other oen in St. Pölten)

so here i present to you the "Glow in the Dark T Rex Finger Puppet"




the mouth, head and legs are moveable and it stands ca. 7 cm tall.


merry christmas




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thanks guys for your kind words ! :-)

I think i miscalulated the interest in such a competition just before christmas. Of course now it makes more sense... the whole world is running around panicking to order the food... find the perfect presents and a chance to sit down and design something cool is really not an option for most.

So if its ok with everyone here... I am going to rap up the 2 presents I have promised for this competition and combine those with something extra ontop for the next competition... this time a bit better thought out like the summer tshirt competition... that was really amazing....

By the way... if anyone of you clever gentlemen have a good idea for a creative competition... shoot me a PM when you want !!

Good night guys.

Ian :-)


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I was worrying about this competition for some time now, but just like you wrote - I wanted to participate but did not even get around to putting my printer back together until now.

So now I've still got my printer next to me with the work-in-progress HBP staring at me reproachfully...

I'm sorry I couldn't participate! I guess I'm speaking for lots of people here.

Looking forward to the next competition, though. But please give us a bit more time, like 5-6 weeks ;)


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