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UM S5 grill mod to prevent blocked front fan

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Posted · UM S5 grill mod to prevent blocked front fan

hi guys

first clogged nozzle on my UM S5...

Over a +48h Print, the front fan pulled in that many fine PVA hairs. Up to the point that the fan stopped rotating and the space behind was filled with plastic hair.

The now uncooled cold-end of my 1st AA core of course clogged soon afterwards.
lucky that the S5 noticed the stopped filament and printing halted.


So, i found the factory front fan grill unsuitable for filtering the debris eventually produced in the UM.

I will put in this as quick fix:

Fine stretch mesh. Got it from an Architecture model builder materials shop.



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    Posted · UM S5 grill mod to prevent blocked front fan

    Were you able to save the print?

    I had the same problem with my Ender.  I call it "cotton candy" and it's so fine I haven't been able to measure it.  Heck, sometimes it's so fine it slips between my fingerprints and I can't grab it.

    I tried a grill but it needed to be cleaned or the same problem arose (lack of air).  I decided to move the air intake to the side but it still picked up the hairs.  This is the final design.  It moves the intake to the top and away from the cotton candy producer.  It works.  I stripped the plastic off of a refrigerator magnet and glued it into a pocket.




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