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New Firmware UM2 abort problem.


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Posted · New Firmware UM2 abort problem.

Hi Daid... i Guess.

I have uploaded the new avalaible firmware for my UM2 yesterday. I am still playing with some settings for my new UM2 so thats why i abort quite a lot of prints.

However with the new firmware in the machine, whenever i abort a print it retracts the filament somewhere in between 5cm to 30 cm....... This is quite anoying, cause it pulls a hole "blob thing" from my nozzle so i have to fiddle a bit to get it working again.

In Cura i use the "rep/rap" g-code style

Is my new firmware (from Cura 13.12) wrongly uploaded or somthing or is this a new bug......

Yes i know it's Christmas so dont get onto it rigt away... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: B)

p.s. While writing this i aborted a just started print and it almost dit not retract the filament... perhaps it retracts the total amount of printed filament lengt untill the moment of abortion.... (wrong word for a dutchman)


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    Posted · New Firmware UM2 abort problem.

    The mac vs pc thing should be fixed - or at least worked around - in the latest version.

    When you hit abort, any currently unprocessed gcodes are flushed, and then the printer adds the following commands in their place:

    G92 E20

    G1 1500 E0



    These set the current filament distance to 20, then move to distance = 0 (i.e., retract 20mm) and then home all axes and release the steppers.

    The first G92 command can be modified depending on whether the printer is in regular or UltiGcode mode, since UltiGcode uses E command in cubic mm, not mm of filament - so it you're in Ultigcode mode, the distance gets multiplied by a bit more than 6, so that it converts back to 20mm of filament to be fed.

    The problem you're describing sounds a bit like the G92 command isn't working, so that the filament is getting wound all the way back to its starting position? But looking at the source code, I don't see any obvious reason why that would be.

    Are you really sure you want to keep working in Reprap gcode mode? I understand about losing the benefits of defining your own start and end gcode, but I think that you lose a lot by going that route - not least the firmware managed retractions, and the ability to tune those during the print. You're also just working at the boundaries of the normal use case for the new printer, and more likely to run into bugs.

    It was a painful step for me too. But I think it may jsut be better to drink the koolaid, and do things the way they're 'supposed to be done'.


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    Posted · New Firmware UM2 abort problem.

    I'm getting this exact same problem with 13.12. On "Abort" it retracts the filament between 2-6 inches (seems random). It does not feed it again when resuming so its needed to manually feed the filament. It's a real PITA.

    I'm using a PC by the way, not a MAC.


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