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  1. Not impossible at all, I have one. It's a good suggestion for the UM4. (Oh, and bigger build volume - 30x30x30).
  2. Well, I don't see any problem here. There are only so many ways to make a bottle top with a wick in it and their design is different from either of yours. Unless you have a patent on wick based plant watering methods, which I doubt given a google search brings up so many, I don't think you have any grounds to stop this,
  3. You should donate the $0.455 to charity, you don't want people to think you being greedy.
  4. Which leads to the planned release date for the UM3. Its going on sale 10 months ago just in time for last xmas.
  5. 8) It went something like: UM3 needs 1.21 Giga Watts / (24*9.2) = 5500 more power than UM2. UM2 prints up to 10mm3/s, so UM3 up to 55000mm3/s or 55gm/s or 18s/kg
  6. The UM3 will also have a calculated print speed of 55,000 cubic mm/Sec, printing a full 1kg roll in around 20 seconds. Not Bad! That is based on the assumption that print speed scales linearly with power requirements and Sanders confirmation above that the UM3 requires 1.21 Giga Watts.
  7. I've also gone base over apex on this, an 8 hour over-night print of a mechanical part. I didn't notice until I tried to fit it the next day that it had been shrunk. Defaulting this to "on" is a bad idea, and a waste of our time and money.
  8. If you prefer PLA there are high temperature types that are reportedly good to 120 degrees after heat treatment. I've not tried them yet but here's an example: https://www.proto-pasta.com/products/high-temp-pla-v2-0
  9. Vancouver has a steam clock, so how about a steam powered UM3
  10. 15.04.6 did it too. It happened to me at the same time that win10 wanted to update. After the update and reboot 15.04.6 worked fine (and has continued to do so).
  11. Does 15.04.6 and 2.1.2 use the same version of Marlin, or do we need to keep swapping?
  12. Ah, I see the old forum is back up. So I checked there, recovered my old email address and set it up again on the server. Managed to reset the password on the new forum and if you can see this - it worked. Thanks Sander.
  13. Nice! Flight photos and videos as well, please.
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