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  1. Not impossible at all, I have one. It's a good suggestion for the UM4. (Oh, and bigger build volume - 30x30x30).
  2. Nice! Flight photos and videos as well, please.
  3. Oh my god! I had to go and look again. First time around, I saw the stretchlets and missed the woofy. I need a holiday.
  4. Hey Nico, Congratulations on the upgrade. :grin:
  5. Today is my birthday - Yay! But .. . . I just kicked up Google to look something up and the daily cartoon is a birthday cake, presents etc. and it says "Happy Birthday Gerry". Scary or what? Just what does that company know about me - tremble.
  6. Is this a Gallery bug? There are actually two pictures in Jan's gallery, although they are in "Australian" mode.
  7. It sure does. You're spot on with the 0.2mm layers. I'm Using natural ABS at 250c on a 100c kapton bed. I've now printed three legs, one more to do.
  8. A year on, and the UM2 continues to impress me. I started a print today with very little hope that it would succeed. It's a leg for my quadcopter. At 170mm tall and 10mm at the toe, stability was going to be an issue. Near the top is a lip which needs to be well formed so the leg cannot be printed the other way up, which would be more natural, Also at the lip, the leg is sealed and as I wanted this as light a possible I turned all support off which means the UM2 would have to print in free space to cover it. So with little hope I came back 3 hrs later and - Whoopie - Impressed.
  9. That definitely re-defines "printed" circuit board Nice one.
  10. Hey Didier, Congratulations on your upgrade, now the hard work starts :wink:
  11. I cover the glass plate with Kapton tape.Then dip a rag into acetone and wipe it on an old failed ABS fragment to bring a little ABS onto the rag. The Kapton surface is wiped with that and it puts a fine ABS film onto the Kapton (but make sure you do it cold). It sticks like s**t to a blanket when hot and releases reasonably well when cold. The bed is heated to 110C before printing at 250C.
  12. Congratulations guys, it's a well deserved winner.
  13. Aw, skint. That really sucks. They should look at that arm and realise what an asset they have in you.
  14. I'm still running with the S2. My daughter has an S5, but its way too big for my tastes.
  15. He He - Some people just haven't got enough to do. :-P
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