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Abort Print with FW13.12

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Ok, I figured this out, I think. There's a nasty timing bug in the firmware so that even if the command buffer gets emptied out first before the retraction is triggered (which is what the fix in 13.12 firmware does) the first command that gets put into the buffer might then be ignored.

I wrote it up as part of my bug report on this issue...


I came up with a few ways to fix it... but it's a bit of a mess; the code is rather tangled, and getting more so. Hopefully there's an elegant way to fix it, rather than another level of complexity to tangle things up even more.


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Many thanks illuminarti. As you are familiar with the Marlin code, could you please tell me how to setup a tool chain for compiling the firmware?

I read the instructions on github but I don't understand (find) the "arduino software IDE/toolset v23". Have you any link to this file?



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Drayson - yes, the UM1 firmware doesn't have this problem. I haven't tested the new firmware for the UM1 specifically (it's a totally different firmware for each machine) but I imagine it will work fine - UM is basically just shipping an updated build that lots of people have been using for a long time already.

Chelys - see my blog post http://www.extrudable.me/2013/05/03/building-marlin-from-scratch/ for info on compiling Marlin.


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Hi Guys, I have learned about this as well today.

I wrote a notification here:

There are I think 2 obvious workarounds:

1: after abort, go to maintenance and move material.

Rotate the button clockwise until you see material being extruded.

2: if you want to abort, just turn off the Ultimaker 2, and turn it on again a couple of seconds later.

It is a known bug now, and it is estimated to be fixed around January 2nd.

Thank you!


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