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Extruder motor runs away

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When exporting toolpath from Cura the print head moves into position and starts; however, the extruder motor runs way too fast stripping the filament. It is like it just runs away uncontrolled.

I am exporting from Cura and bringing it into Pronterface to run the machine.

When using Slic3r and Pronterface with the same basic settings and model it prints fine.


Greg-Wades extruder

J-Head Hot End .35mm

RAMPS 1.4 with Marlin firmware

Run from external computer with Pronterface host software

This has happened with several models I have tried to slice and export from Cura. I have not yet successfully printed a model from Cura. Always the same thing .. runaway extruder.


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Could it be that you're missing the correct steps per e setting in cura?


I don't know but if you are looking for the setting Robert mentions, it is under "machine settings..."


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Note, this setting was incorrectly always set to 868.66 in older versions of Cura, the new default is 0 to ignore it. But if you had an older Cura install it will possibly copy this setting over and cause this issue.

I know people that use Cura with mendels, so it can work.


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Checked. Steps is set to 0. I made sure there were no other versions installed with conflicting settings. X, Y, Z motor movements are just fine. The extruder jumps wildly slow .. really fast .. slow ..

It ends up stripping the filament. I've used Slic3r and Skeinforge without issue. Not sure what the deal is.

I have attached the gcode of the latest offending run. I have tried several models and get the same issue.

My Cura settings: http://pastebin.com/knh5Jugt

Sample of the Gcode of the latest model: http://pastebin.com/KSX2RrfzV


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Have you tried comparing gcode out of, say, Slic3r, that does work, with the code out of Cura, to see what's different?

Also, not related to your problem, but the settings could be better - the shell thickness should be an exact multiple of your nozzle width, and the top/bottom thickness should be an exact multiple of your layer height - and probably at least 5 times the layer height. Other than that, your settings look about right.


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