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Material seems to be empty, but its not


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Posted · Material seems to be empty, but its not

Hello everyone,


Ive been using S5 for around 1 year, and until recent few weeks it was superb experience. Recently, feeder started to ground the filament similar as explained on the link problem. When that happen on the display appears the message which says that there is not enough material in the feeder and printing process stops. That usually happen 1.5h or 2h after starting the printing process. Nozzle is 0.4 mm diameter, materials I use are PLA or PETG and almost all settings are kept at their default values. Cura slicer is 4.9.1 and S5 firmware is up to the date. Hot and cold pull also are done several times, Bowden tube is clean, rubber cover from the nozzle is replaced, nozzle surface is clean, feeder is also cleaned, tension mark is at the middle. Also, Ive tried to print the same project on to the 2nd extruder, or to switch places of the printing cores, but same problem happened. If anyone has some advice I would be very grateful! 

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    Posted · Material seems to be empty, but its not

    This problem is rare on the S5 but common on 3d printers in general and has about 30 (very different) possible causes.  So the first thing is to figure out if the problem is at the feeder or the hot end.  I'm guessing the hot end (the core).


    So try a different core.  Your printer should have come with two AA 0.4 and one BB 0.4 cores so swap the AA 0.4 cores.  Alternatively move the core to the right and slot so that you are using the right hand feeder and if it suddenly works great than the problem is with the left hand feeder.


    I'm guessing there is a clog or partial clog in your nozzle.  Not too hard to fix with a few cold pulls.  Cold pulls are done from the menu system on the S5.


    Just to give you an idea - here is a post with the list of all the things that can cause underextrusion (which causes ground up filament at the feeder) but for a UM3 since the S5 is easier to diagnose and more reliable (I mean just swap cores).


    Actually glancing at that list another issue is printing too fast.  That can cause underextrusion/grinding as well.  It might help to read the whole list briefly and something might jump out at you - for example if your air temp is 90F/30C.



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    Posted · Material seems to be empty, but its not

    The message One material appears to be empty in this case means that the flow sensor is detection that filament is not running in the correct amount (too little). As you confirm, the filament is grinding.


    Make sure you are:

    - using Ultimaker filament

    - using Ultimaker Cura profiles default

    - import a cube of 30mm of side and create a simple print job

    - clean the feeders and keep the indicator in the middle

    - try to print it

    - when the print starts, make sure the front fan is running

    - check that the print cores have less than 1000 hours or else replace them


    If this didn't fix it.


    Contact your reseller and ask for support or a checkup.

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