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Little things to make things better...

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Hi people

Not sure if I've chosen the right place.

But I would like to present a small collection of useful things. Little things often found also in the household. Useful and easy to use for everything related to 3D printing, but things that need not be specially printed. Some of it is certainly in a different form already there, but that does not really matter. Also, special tools and equipment such as for post-processing, or advice of removing support-material, machine-parts-cooling, prevent vibrations, machine-modding, clean lubrication of all moving parts, Optimize adhesion properties of the construction platform, find the right place for the machine, cleaning fan´s, and much more are very welcome.

In this way, we can quickly get together an extensive collection, which can be very helpful especially for beginners and experienced users. :smile:

Most of it is probably self-explanatory, but when you click on a picture you sometimes find additional information.

In order to keep the entire contents manageable You can edit your posts at any time. Please comment the images in your gallery shortly.

It would be nice if everyone can join in, present your small optimizations. :smile:

Where are all the creative minds of the Ultimaker community?

So, enough words, I make the start:

Small things(1)Small things(2)

Small things(3)Small things(4)

Edit: 01-19-14 /23:18pm

And two not really small...little things more:

Small things(5)Small things(6)



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Hi guys,

Thank you that you join in. Please continue to show your little ideas, even if you might think it's nothing special.


I would imagine the fuzz roller is to clean all the bits off the inside of the machine.


I use a folded over piece of gaffa tape to pick up all the waste that collects under the bed.


Yes, the sheets of lint roller does not stick as much, but this is almost always enough to collect loose filament cord, and other particles. In my picture is a bit exaggerated displayed that I had just made the interior clean.


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Silence here?

But this is real pity.

Who often has to disassemble the material feeder, which has certainly been annoyed about the following:

The motor tilts back against the cover, and the fitting of the four screws in the engine is to be patient exercise.

Maybe the last time you take the cover off and stuck a pair of rubber buffer to the motor. Then the engine will remain in position without screws.

Small improvements 8


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Here's another possibility, with more force to keep the Bowden tube in position. :cool:

Seeking small O-rings, or comparable distance pieces with appropriate diameter for the neck of the couplings.

Fit The bowden couplings much stronger 0

Mario, the plumber has the right material possibly. :mrgreen:

You can of course ask Luigi ... :oops:

Fit The bowden couplings much stronger 4

I think you could even carry the entire printer on Bowden after this little optimization.

Beware of elephant proboscis...


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Small preparations for a recalibration of the printing platform:

Sometimes a small residue left on the nozzle, which interferes with a proper re-calibration of the printing platform. Without reading glasses I have it sometimes hard to recognize this immediately.


It helps if you use the "Move material" function.

1) Wait until the nozzle on the basis of: "Move material" function; was heated.

2) A small amount of material with the help of the "adjustment wheel", move out.

3) With the function "Heatup nozzle"; monitor the cooling process of the nozzle.

4) Wait until the extrusion is cooled down to about 135 degrees.

5) Now drag the visible residue with your fingers from the nozzle.

Done, now no more residual material should be present at the nozzle.


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