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Piece distorted Ultimaker S5

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Posted · Piece distorted Ultimaker S5

Good day guys


I come here to request help for the next problem. I printed a simple rectangular piece with rounded corners. The result was a distorted piece (photo with the green line), so I did a XY calibration with the grid pattern. Again, I tried to print the same simple rectangular piece but with less height and the result is distorted too (photo with the piece over the desk).

What can I do to fix this problem?



WhatsApp Image 2022-03-01 at 10.21.44.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-01 at 10.27.24.jpeg

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    Posted · Piece distorted Ultimaker S5

    Wow.  I've seen that many times but never that bad.


    1) What material are you printing.  This matters a lot.

    2) How much infill did you use - which infill and what percentage?  How many passes did it make on the walls (how thick)?  I'm asking because the walls have tremendous forces pulling inwards so it matters.  You know what?  Just please post your project file.  Do "save" "save project as" and post that file here please.  That will answer all these questions.

    3) Bed temp.  Again - post project file and I can see bed temp.


    As the thermoplastic exits the nozzle it cools quite a bit in the first few milliseconds.  that means it is like a stretchy liquid elastic.  Like snot.  it pulls inward pretty strongly as it prints around those corners.


    You can change the printing order.  Normally walls are printed before infill.  You need at least 2 passes of wall so that the inner walls can sit on the layers below and the outermost walls is held back by the inner walls.


    Try to set the order to print infill first, then inner walls, then outer walls last.  You can use an infill pattern that is denser in the corners (variable infill).


    Bed temp matters also.  Lower the bed temp a little - maybe by 5C.  If you lower too much the corners can warp off the bed so you may need to do better adhesion at the same time like using an extra thin layer of glue (thick layers of glue don't hold down the part as well as thinner layers).  You can use a wet tissue to remove most of the glue and spread it around more.

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    Posted · Piece distorted Ultimaker S5

    Hi gr5, thanks for answer


    Here you are the file. I did not use walls.

    So you mean that is not a problem of calibration, it is rather a problem of the parameters of printing?.



    Thanks a lot!



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    Posted · Piece distorted Ultimaker S5

    Oh!  Yes it's definitely the settings.  I expect the wall on the left of this picture have the curve and the wall on the right of this picture does not.


    So the bottom layer prints perfect as it can stick to the glass bed.  Each layer as you go up prints farther to the right (in this photo) due to the "snot" situation I describe above.  As you get farther from the heated bed the air gets cooler and it slowly recovers.


    1) Do you really need to print like this?  Are you printing tunnels?  Is this for some kind of chemical lab work where you are sending chemicals through tiny tunnels?  If not print with "normal" profiles which have walls.


    2) If you absolutely need to print like this due to the tunnels, then you can turn off the heated bed or lower it to 35C.  I would put blue painters tape on the glass bed, clean the tape with alcohol (ehtyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol - 70%) to remove the wax from the tape, and then print onto that.





    Screenshot from 2022-03-02 10-06-48.png

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