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Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

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Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

Hello all, 


I'll do my best to describe my issue. I have an Ultimaker 2 (UM2B) in great condition that has the Olssen block upgrade. It's been working fine since I got it, with the version "DEV" as its firmware. Yesterday, I had the brilliant idea to update its firmware, so I booted up Cura 4.13.1 (which I've been using with no issue since launch), plugged in my printer cable and updated my printer to firmware version 3.3.0, dated march 15, 2018. 


Now, all of a sudden, the prints are a nightmare. Sometimes they'll come out okay, but they'll be so fragile at 20% infill that it's honestly shocking. The same parts printed just yesterday are firm to the touch, but squeezing walls causes them to cave in now. The infill and support look terrible, thin and raggedy when printing.


Here's what I've tried: I print in White PLA, 2.85mm


-I haven't changed any settings from 0.2mm draft that I know. 

-I've tried increasing heat from 200 to 210, 215, 220, 225, 230 with no improvement

-I've tried increasing support density, only minor improvement, still ragged but at least didn't break.

-I cleaned my nozzle, no change - planning to replace with amazon parts.

-I re-leveled my bed, maybe half a dozen times. No changes. 

-I tried printing old test print files from before the upgrade, still had the issues. 

-Loaded in a brand new, sealed spool of PLA, no change


Honestly I'm at my wit's end here. I need this thing to work for school, and I didn't think Ultimaker would torpedo their printers with new firmware. But it's honestly looking that way, unless maybe some core of the printing process was changed. I tried resetting the printer but it didn't revert the firmware. 



I'll try and add pictures of what's going on. Right now just trying to print more.









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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

    Does the printer have any other modifications besides the Olsson block? What feeder do you have on it?

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

    Feeder is the same. It's the QR upgrade kit I've used for a while with no issue.



    I'm trying a calibration cube now, but my issue was that the layers were extremely brittle and the outer wall just peeled off from the inner section. 

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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

    The QR feeder needs different settings in the firmware to work correctly. It is an after market feeder which needs a different E-step setting from the original. This is why your printer stopped working correctly when you installed the default firmware which is meant to be used with the original feeder. Look up the instructions on Bondtech's page and make sure you use their modified firmware, or update the settings manually.


    Not sure if this is the correct page so verify first, but look at the description and you'll see what I'm talking about:


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    Posted (edited) · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

    I've gotten some success slowing prints down to 50% and raising temps to 240.


    Currently, my best calibration cube is at 160% flow rate. Does that seem high? Do you think I could go higher? I'm looking through the forums on QC.


    By the way, thank you very much Robert for taking the time to help. It's been a real lifesaver. 


    EDIT: Uploaded original firmware. Trying it now

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    Misunderstanding on my part
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    Posted · Ultimaker 2 Suddenly Creates Very Brittle Prints

    Okay, I solved my issue. Here's what happened:


    I upgraded my firmware from the Bondtech "DEV" mode to Cura's 3.3.0.


    The extruder didn't work correctly anymore, altering the quality of the prints. 



    Went to the site for the Bondtech QR for Ultimaker 2 site, downloaded the firmware, and made sure the wires for the Extruder weren't flipped (would have reversed the extrusion direction).


    Now it prints fine.

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