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Bottom 2-3mm always misshaped like a bell

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I've got a relatively new UM2, and have been quite pleased with my results....above the bottom 2-3 mm or so (bottom defined as the part touching the build plate).

For some reason the bottom 2-3mm seem to be "flattened" outward like the bottom of a bell. If the core of the print is hollow, that hollow space is narrowed by this effect as well. Everything above that prints just great!

This effect happens across multiple models/prints, so I don't believe it has anything to do with my model files. Is the bed temp too high? Anyone seen this before?



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Personally I would say there is no need to exceed 60c for PLA even for pieces taking the entire bed area; I have never intentionally gone above 60c.

I have had the effect on some pieces and overcome it by reducing the area of the bottom 0.3mm (i.e. layer 1) of the model by 0.1mm all-round. Effectiveness of course probably does depend on the geometry but e.g. I always design a cylinder with 0.1mm taken off the diameter if I remember.


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