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For the last 6 months I've been going over Cura's post processors.

In response to requests I've seen both here and on Github I've written some new post processors.  I have also fixed a couple of bugs and did some tweaking to expand the capability of some of the others. I think they are ready to debut.
Rather than putting up an overly long post, I'm including a PDF "readme" file (within the Zip folder).  The zip folder contains a complete set of my altered Cura post processors.  They could use a few more pairs of eyeballs to spot any bugs that might be hiding in the woodwork.  So far as I can tell they all work as advertised.

New Post-Processors:

  • "Add Cooling Profile" has been a Cura request since at least 2017.
  • "Add Cura Settings" adds them to the end of the gcode
  • "Alter Zhops" allows for turning them off in specific parts of a print.
  • "Bridge Temperature Adjustment" makes temperature changes for bridging
  • "Multi-Extruder Color Mix" supports both 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 mixing hot ends.
  • "Timed Cool Down" adjusts the cool down rate of the heated bed.
  • "4 Little Utilities" includes:
    • "Remove All Comments"
    • "ReNumber Layers" (for One-at-a-Time prints)
    • "Add Data Header" (A debugging tool)
    • "Add Extruder End Gcode" this is a bug fix that will be removed when the bug is fixed.

"Time Lapse", "Insert At Layer Change", and "Search and Replace" get expanded to include "Insert Frequency" and optional "Range of Layers" with multi-line support where applicable.


All of the post processors now add their name to the beginning of a gcode file.  That, coupled with "Add Cura Settings", provides a complete record of how the gcode was sliced.

If the posts are unzipped and put into the configuration folder (Windows:  "C:\Users\...username...\AppData\Roaming\cura\5.4\scripts") they will be added  to Cura and co-exist along with the stock scripts.  The names are prefaced with "gv_" so you can tell them apart.

I would like to thank @ahoeben, @Cuq, @ghostkeeper, @Torgeir, @gr5, @nallath and @rburema for their help (and for allowing me to steal code snippets when they weren't looking).


That didn't take long.  Fixed a bug in Search and Replace when non-regex and replacement is First Instance Only.



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