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Cheap and beautiful UM2 heat bed available for UM1

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Came across this posting on the Google-groups from Andrew Caird, and I think some UM1 users would also find this interesting:



Hey guys. Picked up 1 of these from ebay. Shipped out of hong kong world wide. Apparently similar to the heatbed for the Ultimaker 2. I'm in Australia so they sent it priority at no extra cost. Great unit, works a treat at full bed dimensions. Comes with everything you'll need including relay circuit board, even a resistor to solder to the board. I have found that you will need to insulate underneath it with some cardboard or foam insulation. I am not affiliated at all.



I ordered one, and can't wait to see if it works :)


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I wonder what happens to the original ultimaker warrenty.. when people buy these external electronic upgrades and they short out their electronics.. would ultimaker honour the warrenty ? im sure its something that plays on the mind of many and why a lot of people havent jumped on the idea already....

Ian :-)


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Yes... I suppose.

The electronics by default provide a 19V signal, not a relay. But you can cheat and use only one side of the green screw connectors which get grounded when bed power is "on". If you do this now you have a big ground loop so it would be good to connect your new 24V power supply ground to the UM ground somewhere.

Whereas if you go the relay solution your 24V supply is isolated from the UM by the relay.

The mosfet built into the UM Original PCB is supposed to be able to handle 90A and the 24V shouldn't be a problem (although I didn't check that spec) so I think it would work just fine. Just make sure you know which side of that green connector is permanently 19V (pin 1) and which side is controlled by the mosfet (pin 2).

Even the LED on the PCB should light up properly when the bed is on. But you can't normally see it under your UM so it's not really important although it might slightly aid in debugging when you first hook everything up.


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I have been driving my UM1 with 24V PSU from day 1 and over a year no problem so far.

However I did more testing by power the heat bed and the machine using a single 350W PSU and the heated bed is getting the power from UM1's heated bed terminal.

I found that the power connector and switch part could get quite hot after some time, so they are actually not rated for large current usage.

After finding this, I recommend ppl to stick with the relay for both single or dual PSU operation. I have also updated my listing to tell ppl not to directly plug into the heated terminal but to use the relay.

my UM1 motherboard is a 1.5.7 version made by a third party manufacturer.

By the way, thank you for all the support and feedback on the kit!!!!!!

Best regards,



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