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Problem saving model file

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Cura doesn't let you edit stl files (other than scale and rotate) so I'm not sure why you would then want to save the file you just loaded. I don't see the point.

Cura lets you save gcode files however. Those are what you need to then print your model on the printer.

Cura also lets you save the "profile" which are all those settings you can control.


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Imported obj files needs to be scaled and rotated. After doing so i like to save them. Cant check now but as I remeber loaded gcode files cant be scaled if I want to print in another scale without having to rotate again.

Whatever the reason is for me to want to save the model, if there is a save model I would suppose that it's meant to work.

I have saved other parts of the model with no problem but the part in question wont save.l

I dont think there is anything special with the part that dont save exept for it beeing larger than the one that I did manage to save.

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With 14.03 test 2?

How long does it take for it to save?

And try to save it exactly like i did.

I rotated the model before saving so.

Rotate the model so it comes into normal positon, neck down, top of head upp and click the auto rotat so it sits totale flat on bed and then try saving again.

Does it still work?

If it still does I will try to save to another disk to se if it works on any of the other units I have.

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Maybe this will be helpfull:

On my Linux-system (Ubuntu 12.04) I have to set a full name - with the .stl extension!!! otherwise nothing is saved.

Maybe on other OS'es there is a similar problem.

My english ist not the best, so here an example:

Giving a name "test_thing" -> does'nt save anything

Giving a name "test_thing.stl" -> saves as expected

Regards Bernd


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