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UM² Printing more than 24 hours non-stop

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I have to make large parts for a model. It is that time of Cura told me more than 24 hours / parts. I fear more than the machine does not take the time to print without problems.


What advice would you give me to avoid problems and make these great prints?


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I have done prints > 24 hours. And I had a failure (nozzle clog) on one. I was able to continue the print - it was on the UM2 with heated bed so the most important advice is to keep the bed hot and don't panic. You can wait a few hours before continuing. If the bed had cooled the part would have popped off the bed.

To continue the print I had to use pronterface to move the Z axis up and down until I found the exact layer that had just finished. Then I had to edit the gcode - deleting all the begining part and adding a G92 code for the Z axis. Let me know if you need more details.


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Ah yes! Indeed! :oops:


Okay, so there it makes me even more scared. :oops:


A nice solution would be to 2h printing with a first file.

2 hours more with a second file.


And so on.


Except that. If I do that, how to make this task automatically. I do not Pronterface.


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1) It helps if you can break up a part into multiple pieces and print them separately like this one which is split into 4 pieces:



2) Pronterface is free and useful for experiments and tests and fine control. For example if you want to experiment with different accelerations on the Z axis:



3) Don't worry so much. Just start printing. Understand that if it fails part way through then:

A: Don't let the bed cool!

B: Understand that you can continue it later. You can even wait a few days.


More details here:


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Ok Here I completely understand!


So for me, step 1 would be to do a test on a small piece.


That should be used as gcode for:

1 / Start printing

2 / gcode Part 1 Part

3 / Stop print, plate movement and nozzle


Repeat as many times as chip parts.


I'm sorry but I'm still too novice To approach to re-code gcode under UM ².


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So for example, in your gcode above, if you wanted to continue at layer 48 (z=5.1mm) you would delete everything up to layer 48 and start the gcode with this little snippet:

;Layer count: 78
G0 F9000 X0 Y0 Z5.1 ; home head and move straight up so as not to hit part
G11 ;unretract
M106 S255 ; fan on full - not sure if this is smart
G92 E1749.75789 ;very important step - this is the last extruder position on layer 47
;From here on nothing is changed...
G0 F9000 X134.40 Y120.90 Z5.10
G1 F3000 X95.60 Y120.90 E1751.30989
G1 X95.60 Y119.10 E1751.38189

The important two steps are to move Z to where the next layer starts (5.1mm up) and to zero the extruder at the current extrusion amount (1749.75789mm of filament).


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But how to stop layer 77?

Hit power switch.

You misunderstand. We are talking about 2 different things:

1) It is possible to break a part up into multiple sub parts using CAD software. Then print the different sub parts. You have to choose carefully where to break up your part.

2) If a print fails, you can continue where you left off with my explanation above.


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Exactly! When I see what I see!


So in the end, I actually realize myself parts. I'm good for 24 half-shells.


To this day, I make exact copies of the original 50%. Everything is beautifully past and I do not see what would block this achievement.


I would put up a picture of miniature parts. I can attack a version courira 24 and older.


Thank you for this information illuminarti. That shows that it is feasible.


A track that I have not explored this is agmenter layer thickness. I guess it is more restrictive. I must remain faithful Tred and high quality. I can not afford to fail.


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