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ground black plastic from feeder


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Posted · ground black plastic from feeder

Hi everyone-

I know that plastic grinding up in the feeder and clogging up the nozzle is a regular problem.

I working on getting a new feeder design, specifically lRobertl's newest design. But for those of you that have stuck with the current feeder, what have you done to avoid this?

sanding the inside of the casing? coating with super glue?

or let it takes its course and eventually it will stop?

Last couple of ten hour prints started under extruding at the end as the black plastic built up in the nozzle.



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    Posted · ground black plastic from feeder

    I found that putting the spool on the floor helps enough that I don't notice any specks of black ABS in my prints (even though they are in there somewhere).

    spool On floor


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    Posted · ground black plastic from feeder

    I made this list for someone else this morning - you might want to compare all 3 designs - although I really do like Robert's quite a bit. Actually all 3 designs have different advantages. Ian has a 4th design - I think Robert stole some of Ian's ideas. Ian's latest design is secret until his talk is over at a big conference.

    Geek's design for UM2 feeder:


    Robert's design is here:


    Post #402. Read Robert's posts below that one for more details on assembly and such.

    Ultimaker's design is in these two posts

    Post #279:


    post #268


    I think this second post is more useful. Anyway, contact Bas for a free metal grommet.



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    Posted · ground black plastic from feeder

    The original feeder housing may lose a few small pieces of ABS.

    It mostly happens when materials are changed, or when threading very rudely new filament. On new machines, it can happen in the first few times. Later, however, it is rather straightforward and does not affect further the functionality of the feeder.

    It break down particles of the thin-walled and narrowed points of the inner material guide.

    Even if the filament diameter varies greatly, then ABS-abrasion enter the hot end, I believe.


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    Posted · ground black plastic from feeder

    Thanks guys. Good info here. I also just did the 180 degree 90 degree nozzle cleanse and wow - My printer is extruding like I just got it. That's a good one.


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