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Purple PLA Suppliers

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Hello there. I have been trying to procure a spool of dark purple PLA... Dark purple as in the Incredible Hulk's shorts (couldn't think of anything else that everyone would know). Anyway, every supplier I have purchased a spool of "purple" from has the picture of the color I want but winds up sending me a lighter, translucent purple. Does anyone know of any sources for solid dark purple PLA?


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(Duplicate post)

While I like the DiamondAge PLA, which is monochiral and very hard, I've recently had serious problems due to dirt on the filament in the sealed bags in which I received me coils of white from the US distributor (printbl.com). I've had a series of clogs on my UM2 that are definitely caused by the black specks visible on the white filament inside the sealed bags. (It's not from the extruder - I'm using Robert's, printed in white.)


Further, their US distributor, printbl.com, is offal (sic). They sell PLA only, and typically, currently have only five colors in stock of the 19 listed. They offer white and ivory only in coils, although DiamondAge manufactures several sizes of spool (and also offers ABS). To top it off, the printbl.com web site hasn't changed a word in almost two years, and the site has been off the air frequently. It is difficult to tell whether they are really still in business.


Bottom line is that unless and until DiamondAge finds a new U.S. distributor, I cannot recommend the DiamondAge filament, unless you want to pay double to cover International shipping direct from New Zealand.


As supplier of both ABS and PLA, I can enthusiastically recommend Protoparadigm.com. Good service, good prices, and I've never had an issue with their filament. Ultimachine.com also offers good filament in ABS and PLA, and good service, and has truly White PLA, which Protoparadigm doesn't sell for some reason.


printbl is off my list for good.


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