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Right adjustment of stepper driver

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I would like to adjust my stepper driver although it is not recommended according to several posts in this forum. One of my stepper is gteeing slightly hotter than the others. I already know the following page from the wiki about adusting the stepper driver.


On this Page i can find a warning that it is not recommended to change anything on the stepper driver if you do not have a multimeter and that the stepper driver should be set to 1,15 A.

Well, i do have a multimeter but it is not explained how to meassure this current.

I can see some meassurepoints at the driver board. But i do not know ho to meassure exaktly.

Is there anywhere a good explanation how to adjust the stepper driver or can anyone tell me how this has do be done right?

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google "pololu current". These parts are pin compatible with pololu drivers. One of the 2 pins on the adjustable pot is at the voltage you need to measure. There is a formula that converts voltage to current. I think you simply multiply by some constant but forget what the constant is.

If you break one of these they are very inexpensive and you can replace with several choices of replacement. The key information is to know that they are called "pololu" and google will take care of you.


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It's maybe worth mentioning that there are different types of stepper drivers. AFAIK the Ultimaker stepper driver have their own board design. It is pin compatible with the Pololu driver boards (and also run with a Pololu A4988) but may have a different way to set up the current and a different reference voltage maybe.

On the Wiki page of which you posted the link, you have the different types on the bottom. Make sure you're not driving the driver significantly into overcurrent otherwise you really have to replace them.

Although they are not too expensive, you would have to wait for the new drivers to arrive and couldn't use your machine... :sad:


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First of all thank you for your fast reply.

Maybe I should order some stepper drivers in advance

Seems that these aren't very expensive.

@ gr5: thank you for the hint. I found this very interesting


I will check tomorrow.

@ dim3nsioneer: I have already read your problems with the drivers. Hope your machine runs well now with new stepper drivers.

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Thank you again for your hints.

Today I meassured the temperature of the stepper motors during a print. They operate at approximately 70C. So i decided to change nothing at the setting of the stepper driver.

I only changed the driver of the motor wich gets the hottest with another wich is much cooler. Seems that there is no effect from the driver. The motors still have the same temperature difference as they had before.

Culd it be that the motors have different resostance or something?

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