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Is there anyone processing orders at UM?

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Is UM still doing business? Anyone fulfilling orders?

I ordered some parts nearly 3 weeks ago and while my card has been charged, nothing has shipped.

1) Place order.

2) Wait for 2 weeks.

3) Write an e-mail to UM and ask what's going on with your order.

4) Receive a reply along the lines "Oh, haven't you received it already? I'll ask the guy with name Logistics to make sure you'll receive your order by the end of this week."

5) Wait for 2 weeks.

6) Write an e-mail to UM and as what's going on with your order.

7) Wait for 1 week.

8) Write an e-mail to UM and ask whether they receive your e-mails.

9) Wait for 1 week.

10) Write to this forum and share your frustration.

11) Get a recommendation to write to Sander.

12) Write to Sander.

13) Wait for 1-3 days.

14) Get apologies from Sander and a promise to get things moving.

15) Wait for 1-3 day.

16) Get apologies from UM support and a promise for speedy delivery.

At this point - but only at this point - luck becomes a factor. You might either:

17) Get shipment notification with list of items (which either is or is not correct).


17) Get back to point #2.

My experience beyond point #17 is quite limited, so you would need to ask the more senior members to describe the world from that point onward.

To me it looks like you might be trying to make a shortcut from #5 to #12, but I wish you the best of luck in your attempt.


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I've already open two tickets about my order which is for the fan pack, thermocouple and TC amp board.

The response to one ticket was


How unfortunate to hear you didn´t received your order yet.

I have send your request to our logistic department.

They will ship your order shortly.


That was more than 10 days ago. So I opened the second ticket yesterday and it is well past the end of the business day in the NL...

I've started ordering from other sources because of UMs customer support/order shipping problems.


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Hi Guys,

I am sorry to hear it has been so difficult getting your order shipped or even getting an accurate answer.

@Anon, can you send me the ordernumber in a DM so I can make sure it will be shipped asap?

@Useless, I see you have an Ultimaker Original order with us. We expect to ship them out again this week.

Late last week we received some parts we had short on stack, and this week we will ship again.

I will keep you posted about the progress.


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I did finally get my order with Sander's help.

I hope that UM gets the order fulfillment process straightened out. I think it is really damaging UM's image/rep.


Good news for you :)

I'm still between steps 15 and 16, waiting for some more input from Sander, but it's only been ~8 weeks so I'm on track lol...


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I couldn't be more excited!

I received my UM1 kit a few weeks ago and am close to finishing the build.

After a week of painting and sanding panels its looking great.

I'd like to Thank The Ultimaker Team, they have a quality product here.

I got the order in the expected lead time (About 7 weeks)

But, my order wasn't shipped complete.

it was short a roll of PLA and the dual Extrusion kit.

And the kit was missing a few parts.

I submitted a support ticket and got the seemingly automated response like so many others.

I'll send Sander a massage.

In the mean time I hope Ultimaker will be able to rise above these "Logistic" issues

and meet the demand for their printer.

Hopefully i'll be printing soon and able to share my crazy ideas with the rest of you here.

Happy Printing!


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