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Setting Print Temperature

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I just set up my UM2 I brought home from Makerfaire and am starting to do my first prints. I am printing the default robot that is on the SD card. How can I view what the print settings for this print? I am also trying to adjust the print speed and temperature. Is that adjusted thru Cura? I see under the "Basic" tab there is a heading for " speed and temperature". There is a box to input print speed, but nothing for temperature so I am a bit confused.

What do you suggest for a print speed and temperature? From what I have been reading that seems to have the most effect on print quality.

Sorry for the Newbie question. I'm sure I'll have more!


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To see settings you can usually do "file" "load profile from gcode..." and Cura looks at the last line in the gcode and if created by Cura it should have one huge binary string there and can read the settings out of that sets all the settings to that. It's backwards compatible and safe so newer settings that were created in newer versions of Cura won't be affected.


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Unfortunately the standard robot gcode doesn't include the settings line, so you can't load the settings back into Cura.

On a UM2, temperature is set directly on the printer, as part of the 'materials' settings. Once you start a print, you can go into the 'Tune' menu and change the temperature for that print. Between prints, you can go into the 'Material' menu and change the settings for a material, and then resave it to the preset.

One thing that I do recommend is changing the bed temperature for PLA down to 60º, as the default of 75 is too hot. Also, for general purpose use, I would increase the temp for PLA to 220 or maybe 230, and only reduce it for cases where you come to realize that a lower temperature has definite benefits.


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Some nice tips there as a newbie, I was going to start a post ref newbie tips. Would be good to have on the site a pinned thread for newbies with all the printing tips i have seen in 1 thread. I'm spending a lot of time trying to find tips even for probs I haven't encountered yet.

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