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Major upgrade! What do you think!?

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Edit: we've rolled back this upgrade. But we will try to make it available without the bug that caused us to roll back.


My original post was:

Good news, everyone!

We've just deployed a long over due upgrade to YouMagine that we're pretty excited about!

A summary of improvements:


  • 5 star ratings!
  • The current "Star" functionality will be called "Favorite" from now on. Favorites still count as 'votes' or 'likes' for the designs and rankings.
  • Much faster page loads (in most browsers)
  • Major framework upgrade (lots of little improvements)
  • Should be more stable
  • We will get better info when you get a page: "Oops, something went wrong"
  • Privacy fix (no longer can a web-crawler find your e-mail address)
  • Some changes to the 3D viewer (needs more work)
  • Fixed the "Mark as primary" for images you've added to a design.
  • The report/complaint functionality now also tells us who files the complaint so we can get in touch or ask for more information.
  • Blender icon added
  • Many smaller improvements...

Let's get into more detail...

New major functionality: 5 star rating

One major thing that is missing in most 3D file repositories is the ability to find great designs. Right now "Featured designs" is a major part, which means "we think we know what's good for you", even though we could be wrong :) In addition we're adding filtering. We want to give you some control over filters that can help you with your search. Filters aren't implemented yet, so feel free to provide suggestions to help shape YM

Performance: Turbo mode

For most browsers that support this it will use a mechanism called Turbolinks. Basically it only downloads parts of the page that actually have changed. For those more technically minded: it won't reload the entire page, DOM and CSS, etc.

Testing: help needed over the next few hours/days!

Eric S. Raymond once coined this as Linus' law: Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.

If you see something wrong with YouMagine, please let us know. I will be monitoring this topic and we can create hotfixes as soon as possible.

Future development: you can help!

New functionality can also be proposed (not that we don't have ideas and already received a lot of wish-lists). The goal of this topic is testing, for suggestions and requests use the other topic:


Kudos to

Wilco, Aike, Rene, Davy, Alex and Erik


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Went to youmagine.


  • First page loaded in a couple of seconds.
  • Clicked one of the featured designs. Nothing happened. Clicked again, nothing happened. Realised I couldn't click the picture and clicked the title instead. Loaded in 10-15 seconds.
  • Clicked one of the related designs at the bottom. Ended up at https://www.youmagine.com/designs/%5Bobject%20Object%5D
  • Expanded the little menu for one of the posters of a related design. Clicked the "Profile" link, ended up at the above URL.
  • Tried to rate a design. Couldn't see an obvious way to do so.
  • Tried to show the preview of a model. Ended up at the URL above again.


At this point I gave up.


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Windows 7 x64 bit here and working much better.

Title page is a little slow to load, and if the design has numerous images ascotiated with it then these can take a little while too. But... I don't think much to worry about.

** Regarding the Star rating feature. Personally I do not see a need for this. There are already statistics like " likes " and " total downloads " that we can view, to gauge if a product is any good or not. Star rating systems in my opinion are not very accurate anyway, if somebody downloads a model and has trouble printing it, for whatever reason, they may leave a negative rating. Somebody may make a complete mess of printing a perfectly good design and model, but still have trouble printing and leaving negative scores.

Secondly, if I have gone to the effort of uploading models for people to use, for free, I don't particularly wish to see that everyone rates it so badly!

Just another two cents :p


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We've rolled back to the previous release.... so the rating mechanism and speed improvements are gone, but also the bug under firefox is gone...

We'll try to cook up a release again and do more testing. It's always a shame to see browsers behave differently on a problem that doesn't immediately surface.

Thanks for providing your feedback!


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In very short my thoughts:

Changes for speed - absolutely needed

Rating system - complete nonsense

Changes in render/picture view - appreciated as I have big problems at Win7 32 and IE9 to scroll through the different attached pictures

Beside this:

Collection system to mark designs for later print - absolutely wanted!!

Just my two cents...

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@Ian: On the forum I'm YouMagine up to now (Edit: Doh, I meant to say Erik). As soon as the community manager has formally signed up with us, and when we have the blog up I'll announce the community manager (or he will do so himself).


Changes for speed: clear. We're trying to do even more now that we have rolled back the release.

Rating system: There are some reasons why we're introducing this...

I personally have trouble finding the best version of a certain solution. The rating can help those results bubble to the top. Currently a "star" is very much dependent on the number of views. The quality of a design isn't measured directly. We can always remove the rating, but I think it could be very useful to filter results.

But instead of just defending the rationale, I'm interested to know what your concern is with the ratings. Perhaps we can take them into account or I can explain how we plan to do it.

Changes in render/picture view: can you describe what kind of difficulty? Also, is it with the rendered image (yellow on blue) or with the 3D view?

With the ratings, we're also introducing the new destination for what used to be the "star" functionality. This means that you can collect things, but the groups/labels to collect in will be introduced later. Right now it's a single group of bookmarks.


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While you're in there, you might want to force tagging and suggest tags from a context-based list.

The issue is that tagging is very inconsistent, and search does not seem to search the descriptions: as example, there are a lot of UM2 parts in there that cannot be found by searching for anything likely.

Another approach would be to have someone curate and expand the tags and add search keywords.


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Hi Erik,

Thank you for reply!

Great to hear that a bookmark system will be introduced.

My concern about a rating is that it is mostly understood as "good vs bad" because thats the way most people know it from amazon or ebay.

The current "like" system is more positive to understand.

Regarding visualization: on my win7 / IE9 systems it is not possible to select any other picture - also the blue ones. Just the first one is displayed.

Open the same page on firefox, everything works as expected. Change IE version failed on my home notebook, in office I'm restrictted to do...

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