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Posted · Zreeds Print Journal

Hey all you mad scientists out there.

I am going to use this thread to document my 3D printing journey and hopefully add some value to this forum with my 3D printing experience.

I started 3D printing in 2008 when I worked with a university researcher who converted a zCorp resin printer to print with a ceramic medium. He experimented making different ceramic mixtures and different bonding agents for the print head.

My job was to stress test his recipes with 3D geometry, run the prints, maintain the lab, clean the models, and fire models in the kilns.

It was awesome.



Anyways, I graduated and lost access to the lab and the researcher that came up with this genius method was let go.

Now it's 2014 and I have obtained a UM2. I plan on resuming my experiments where I left off. I only know the ceramic/powder world, so this filament stuff is all new to me.

I have been printing for 2 weeks now on PLA and have learned a lot. I am continuously experimenting and learning as I try new things to sharper my results.

Today I switched to ABS for the first time. My micrometer was reading 2.9-3.1 but I decided to try it and see. This is the grey ABS from makershed.

I am about 10% deep in a 10 hour print and it's looking great.

I have debilitating ADHD so I already know it's going to be a challenge keeping this thread updated but I will do my best.

3D printing is sweet, let's do this.


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Posted · Zreeds Print Journal

Thanks, Illuminarti.

So I have switched to ABS for the first time from PLA and have been experimenting for the last couple of days. Man is that build plate hot now! and I think the fumes are making feel a little funny... haha.

I print on Frogtape and not blue masking tape.


It has worked great for PLA prints but I am seeing crazy warping with ABS. All of my ABS prints warped and were aborted with the exception of 1 Ultimaker robot print I did to test something. It came out awesome!

Since then, I have been putting a nice layer of gluestick on top of my Frogtape. I am about 20% deep in a 10 hour ABS print right now and it looks FANTASTIC! It's laying as flat as can be and it's looking great so far. This is my first test with glue stick on top of frogtape so I cant say for sure until it finishes and I test some more.


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Posted · Zreeds Print Journal

If you use frogtape it helps immensely to remove the waxy top coat using some isopropyl (aka rubbing) alcohol found in any store that sells bandages.

I print ABS right on the glass with some blue can aquanet hairspray at 110C. And use a brim - critical cura feature for holding down parts.


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