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Need to relevel or what?

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Hi, another day another problem for me to solve with your help ;)

So I have noticed on certain more "weak" 3D models I was trying to print, that on some level, my nozzle going back and forth and left and right tends to touch the latest layer, I mean it actually starts to move (or push on, smear) to the print when going over or adding a new layer and sometimes it ends with a tipped over print middle of the print process.

Please see video, for what exactly I mean, the problem happens for both the supports (not seen on this video) and on the object (seen on this video).


Annnnd there we go, in the middle of me writing this post, for this exact reason (described above), one of the supports got tipped over and as a result of course it starts printing wrongly and it screws the whole process.

20140722 122957

P.S. If I add supports in MeshMixer, should I disable supports (Everywhere or Touching buildplate) in Cura and just leave the Adhesion type on? See photo below. Also that red "orb" or dot in the left corner in the MeshMixer viewport it's supposed to be an issue and by clicking on it you should be able to try and fix it, but nothing happens in my case.. any ideas?

20140722 122257


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Bed levelling is irrelevant as you get past the 2nd to 3rd layer so that's not the problem here. What you're seeing is curling of the edges. The edges curl up and end up being higher than intended and the head then crashes into them. Both gr5 and AaronAlai have topics discussing this that are worth reading through. I'd link you but I don't have time at the moment.

On that image showing supports I would strongly suggest that you add additional support struts to the taller supports. Just click somewhere on the support and drag out another line to the "floor". That will help anchor them in place.


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Thanks for the tip about adding additional supports. Will keep my fingers crossed for the print that is in the process right now, but have added aditional supports already to the model, so if the first one goes to hell, I will go fresh with the modified model.


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Make your supports larger in diameter - it's a setting in meshmixer. Make sure fan is 100% by 1mm (as soon as you have any overhangs).

Add one more support lower down to help that big tube hold still sooner.


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Man I love Meshmixer - thanks for the tip gr5, you can set everything from the base, tip and post :D crazy this is gonna make my life so much easier.

Actually the tube came out quite nice at 0.2. On the lower part ,where the supports were there's a lot left, but that's probably normal and there probably isn't much one can do about it other the post process it by sanding etc.?

20140722 220512

20140722 220456

20140722 220449

20140722 220441


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