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The filament went off of the reel. What can I do?

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That's the first time I've heard that happen. The filament path is very restricted in there so it's weird that it managed to go where it shouldn't.

If the filament is all the way to the head you must heat the head up to printing temp or you wont be able to pull it out at all. If it is heated up and you still can't get it out I would simply disassemble the feeder. It's not as scary as it sounds. First remove the white covering plate inside the printer, it is held in with a single screw on the left side of the machine. Then unscrew three screws from the feeder. Before unscrewing the last one make sure you have one hand on the extruder motor so that it doesn't fall. Once the fourth screw is removed the feeder will pretty much fall apart and you should be able to remove the filament.


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Hehe I recognise myself about 2 months ago :)

You really can't look at a 3D printer like a regular printer where you just change the toner and paper and keep your hands of the rest. It is a hands-on device.

I don't even think the UM warranty is a "full machine" warranty but on all the pieces separately, so as long as you're careful to not break anything by being ignorant, you should be more than fine.

The feeder has like 4 or 5 components in it so it's fairly easy to take it apart if you take your time to see where everything goes. Worst case scenario you can download the assembly manual to put it back together.


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