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Fill Extrusion Percentage %

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Currently on my prints the fill payers on the top and bottom have too much material in them and they are forcing the PLA on those layers to push slightly beyond the edge limit of the model. It is slight but noticeable. (sorry no pictures as of yet)

I did not want to change the "Infil overlap %" in expert settings because I am getting good results on all the other layers.

With that said is there a way to control the the fill layer only with a setting that is like the "fill percentage" or "Initial layer line with %"?


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I see you have a mendel. What is your overlap %? If it's higher than 30% then you should lower this to 15% and instead tighten your belts as you probably have some backlash (aka play) and fixing this with infill overlap is not the best solution.

But to answer your question, Daid has a newer version of Cura - not released yet - that will allow you to create regions of your print and adjust any parameter for any region. So you will be able to do exactly this in the next major release.


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