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Hello everyone!

So for the past week I've been prepping one of my sculptures for 3D printing. The only thing preventing me from doing so is a lack of a 3d printer. That's why I have come to you guys to seek your assistance.

I have made the head mount for my dinosaur one single part. I have also hollowed it out and took the poly count down as much as I could in Zbrush.

I'm looking to have this guy printed as big as possible as a single part.

Once the 3D print is done I'm shipping this guy off to be painted. I'm hoping I'll have the completed product before I leave for college in about a month.

I of course will pay for shipping costs and filament expenses.

Here is a screenshot of the print in Cura.


If you could please lend me a hand in bringing this guy to the physical world, I would greatly appreciate it.

If any of you are interested in collaborating with me just shoot me an email at bailey95@frontier.com.

Or you can just send me a private message on here instead.

Hope this interests you guys!


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My first guess would be right down the middle between the eyes. The teeth still would need support but that would be on the inside of the mouth. But even with that it looks like an extremely difficult print using FFD technology.


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A different orientation and custom support could also do a lot.

If you can add it, you should look in the organic meshmixer support that some people have used.

And whats up with the huge raft / footprint?


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It would also take forever to print this especially if you want to paint it straight out of the printer. with all that detail you wouldn't want much cleanup work after printing before you paint it. otherwise you will be sitting there sanding until your graduation day, unless you vapour polish. if you vapour polish then you might loose some of those small details like the small spikes on its nose.

You may want to find a new piece to hang on your wall. maybe a cute waving octopus?? :-P


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