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UM2 nozzle stuck

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Is the nozzle clogged, or did the filament simply get ground at the extruder motor end? Actual clogged nozzles are pretty rare: the most likely point of failure is the the extruder motor.

If you remove the Bowden tube and heat the nozzle, are you able to push filament through by hand?


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The UM2 only prints with gold color PLA.

After removing the tube, the material can get thorough the heated nozzle. But I also doubt it is caused by extruder motor. I found most of time the nozzle is clogged at first and the material gets ground by the motor ratchet. This is how the ratchet works when the nozzle gets clogged.


VIDEO0119 01



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I watched both videos. The backwards moving is normal. It's called "retraction".

Is the 3rd fan working on your test head? It should turn on as soon as power comes on - even before the lights come on. It's between and behind the side fans.

I still can't tell if the filament is ground up at the feeder. Can you film just above the feeder? Is the filament flat? Round? If you push on the filament does some come out the nozzle? What temperature are you printing at? Maybe the temperature probe is off by 30C. This happened to a few UM2 printers on recent shipments.


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I've exactly the same experience with gold PLA from Ultimaker.

Iam not able to print with it no matter what.

Take some filament and try to break it with hands.

Mine breaks very early on 5-10cm, after that is very flexible and not easy to break, 5-10cm further is hard and easy to break again?!

I dont know, but this filament is really messed up.

I've tried Ultimaker PLA pink, dark blue, bright green, orange, yellow and black, no problems with those so far (dark blue and black works best for us).

Within next couple days we gonna test red, bright blue, white, transparent green, transparent blue, clear, flex black and flex white ones.

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@gr5 The filament is not damaged by the feeder ratchet. If pictures are clear enough, you may see the filament is in regular situation.




After last reply post, I try to another print. The print is successfully finished. However, it is relatively rare and my UM2 is still unstable.


What temperature are you printing at? Maybe the temperature probe is off by 30C.

Do you mean the nozzle or the buildplate temp.? I prefer the buildplate not heated. I tried to change the nozzle temp. from 190~260C. Though a few prints are finished, the issue still exists. I doubt it may be caused by the .stl or gcode, but the same file sometimes can be done and sometimes not.

@opit78 I think you could be right!! But it is awful that I have 10 rolls of gold color PLA..... :oops:


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