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Clogging, print movement, etc.

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So i just got my new UM2. I am very excited and fairly happy with the built in prints however I am now running into problems. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

I was attempting to print http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:250859

Very soon into the print I saw that the print head was moving what had already been printed around. I am not sure how to fix this. Am I printing too hot? Is it over extruding?


I decided to let it go a bit further while I looked thru the visual troubleshooting guide and afterwhile it quit moving it but then it seemed to have gotten clogged and there was little to no extrusion. I also had some filiment grinding before this but I think I rectified that.




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That's normal. You can best fix that with fan. Lots of fan was it at 100%? That's in expert settings I think.

Also if you want good quality I would print cooler (maybe 200C) and slower (maybe 25mm/sec). The slower you print, the better the quality. You have to have patience.

But this is a very tricky part. You might need much more support material. The supports will help keep the overhangs form creeping up like that and getting hit by the nozzle.

It's easier to wet sand after removing supports than to try to get it to print perfect without support but if you go for the latter method then print slow and cool.


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From the looks of it you are experiencing a couple of things, underextrusion amongst them:

Have a read in Roberts guide here;


Also, that print, is really tricky, start with some easier stuff ;)

The smudging is due to the fact that the hot end stays on that surface for a while, and comes back before it's cooled off. Printing a little tower somewhere in the other corner could help you here.


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Alright I thought I had it all figured out but now I have another problem, or the same one manifesting differently?

Here's my shot at printing the extrusion test.


As you might notice I am getting clicking before the print even really starts. Tried adjusting the tension all over but can't get it to work. Also have tried changing the filament a few times.



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