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Troble in reassembling material feeder

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I am baffled with the difficulty to reassemble the material feeder. The problem is that once we loose the 4 screws you realize that the motor inside where there are the 4 female threads becomes completely loose making it almost impossible to hold it in position while we screw the feeder in place with all of its parts also loose.

It would be much easier if the motor was put in place with two screws, thus making it very simple to install and uninstall the 4 screws to open the feeder.



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The way I do it is to assemble the feeder, put the feeder on the machine, put one screw in, put pressure on the screw with the screwdriver with my right hand (thus holding the feeder in place), with my left hand position the motor at the correct location and screw in the first screw. From there it's just a matter of rotating the feeder and motor to be able to put in the second screw and so on.

Sounds complicated but it's pretty easy to do.

But yeah, being able to remove the feeder without the motor coming off would be nice (future versions will be made like that).


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Or once remove the engine cover, stick a buffer on the engine. And from then, the engine can not tip backwards.

Small improvements 8

Or tried it once with my modular universal material feeder CPv7 (now exclusively on YouMagine) whose base must not be removed during a feeder maintenance. :-)

CPv7 (05)


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