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Finished assembly, but delrin clip broke..... will affect printing?

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I finished the assembly yesterday and headed into test run directly. So I tried to fill the filament into the feeder and this is my First time! I put the filament in the tube and spin the gear to reel it in. But the cap nut then fell off. So I thought the hobbed bolt should go deeper to the cap nut.

When it went deeper to the cap nut, the neck of the hobbed bolt kind of disappear and it became difficult for the delrin clip to hook on it. I put too much force and the clip just broke.

Without the delrin clip, I continued test run but the outcomes are bad. The material doesn't feed well that in the middle of printing the material just didn't come out for about 10 layers and then the material came out later.

1. Can I know if this is because I didn't use the delrin clip? or other problems cause it?

2. Also got a question here for the hobbed bolt, do I need to insert it into the nut all the way, or just insert it in middle? but if in the middle, the cap nut will fall out easily while feeding?

3. Can I know if the drawing of the delrin clip is available? Thought I can make one with my UMO+ but can't find it.




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Please post pictures. Your words don't make it clear to me and I'm too lazy to read your words and look at my machine or assembly instructions if you are too lazy to post pictures.

I broke the same delrin clip on my UMO. To make a new clip I took a sheet of plastic that was the same thickness and drilled, sawed it to the same shape. It works great. I don't remember where I got the plastic - it was from some old electronics thing or maybe something in the recycling bin.


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Now after some test prints, I found some PLA seems leaking from the Peak and spreads onto the aluminum part above the nuzzle. Can I know if this is ok? or this is the cause that the print quality is far below my expectation? Also any suggestion how to clean it and prevent it from leaking again? Thanks.



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what filament are you using - I don't think that is burn marks but the 'leaking' that you are referring to which to me looks like your nozzle assembly may not be quite tightly done up so that it is sealed (tighten carefully but firmly).

Heat up the head and wipe it with a cloth - careful it is hot!

Some of my filaments seem to produce some 'gunk' which burns on the nozzle - so a regular wipe before printing.

Not sure which materials cause it as I use so many and regularly change nozzles - and sometimes oil filament like ninjaflex.

So it is not burning - but 'dripping'.


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I had/have exactly the same issue with the nut of the feeder on my newly assembled UM+. It keeps working itself loose during printing and eventually falls off - the gear works itself out of alignment and extrusion obviously stops. I have tightened it as much as I dare and the delrin clip is really snug, so yes, I am also worried about it breaking. So far the only solution I have reached is tightening it every 3-5 prints or so.

I also had the oozing on top of the alu nozzle block - I followed the instructions for tightening whilst hot on here and that sorted it out.

Wonder who else is having these issues with their UM+ kit?


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