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  1. Hello All, I got a Bocusini Paste Extruder from a Kickstarter pledge about 18 months ago, and it has taken me this long to source a suitable printer to install it on. It is essentially a syringe type paste extruder with a geared plunger and heater. Now I have finally managed to install it on an UM2 extended, I am starting to wonder whether I could just use the regular UM2 (modified) firmware rather than their restrictive proprietary one. I am not intending to print food, but rather silicone and other experimental paste materials. The motor that normally runs the extruder here lowers the plung
  2. Hello All, My first post regarding the new forum. I just wanted to wait and see if things are still changing and how I would feel about it after a while. I am a relatively new member of the community and have only been posting for a few months. However, I loved the old forum, and visited at least 2-3 times a day to peruse posts, often more. I came to read different sections, ask questions and give (hopefully) semi-useful advice. Since the change I have found myself only coming here when I felt I needed to troubleshoot a specific problem. For me, the joy of reading posts has become an effort,
  3. I went to the thread and got the file for 14.12 but it doesn't work with my version - Cura just fails to start altogether when I install the file, but is fine if I revert. I then tried the 14.7 file, which works to a point but does weird things to the workspace, with the build platform appearing above the active work area. I could not find a file specifically for 14.12.1? Would love to do this to solve my problems with the slicing! Nallath, what type of data could I supply for you to figure out the cause of my problem? Always happy to help improve software! 3Dcase, I will try moving the mode
  4. Wow, thank you for that - I didn't know it was such a big issue!! Tbh though, I don't really get the extreme resistance to what is an optional feature. Just giving someone a choice does not mean they disagree with your design decision - my laptop is somewhat of a robust pensioner, creaky but perfectly capable most of the time. However, the real-time slicing is clearly too much for it, so for me, it would be great to have a button to control it. And yes, I could use another program of course, but I have just got such great results with Cura that I wouldn't want to. Will stick with it for that r
  5. 14.12.1 is the version I am currently running! I am not sure what you mean by replace though, where would I switch these files out? And why is Daid set against having this?
  6. I would like a button to implement slicing rather than have Cura do a 'real-time' slice everytime I change a parameter. Sometimes I try to change two or three settings, and Cura is already busy re-doing the slice before I have had a chance to put a number in! Then of course everything crashes... Or is there already a way to stop Cura from doing this that I don't know about?
  7. I have to agree with Izzy, so far my favourites have been Faberdashery and Colorfabb. I have printed more of Faberdashery's colours, and they are superb. I especially loved the metallic and transparent ones. If you're interested in exotic filaments, in the States it should be reasonably easy for you to get Proto-Pasta, who make very experimental filaments with magnetic, conductive and metallic properties.
  8. I had the same problem with the end caps being far too snug a fit for the rods when screwed on tightly. Loosened them and then spent the next 2 weeks periodically picking up nuts and bolts as they fell off the machine - if you leave them loose, they work themselves apart from the vibration of the machine! As a result also, one of the rods started pushing out sideways. Not good. In the end I printed these http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:23835 [gr5 edit: fixed link] and after installing them everything is running smoothly and nothing is falling off anymore...phew!
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