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Newbee- UM2 first run - first problems

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Dear all,

finally I got my UM2 now and did my first run with it.

Since I am brandnew to UM2 I currently don't know what is 'normal' and what is a problem because I have no experiences yet.

The UM2 asked me to insert filemt into the extruder, this worked.

Then I hit the wheel to confirm 'Ready' and the filament gets pulled through the bowden tube up to the nozzle. The display says 'Wait until material comes out of the nozzle'. But for some reason no material comes out of the nozzle.

Instead I hear a noise like a fast tock, tock, tock, tock, tock.

I found out that it comes from the extruder, further I can see that the knurled wheel which shoud transport the filament just move forward and the slips back again. This causes the tock, tock, tock noise.

Unfortunately no material comes out the nozzle :sad:.

Does the stepper motor get damaged by this behaviour / noise?

How to get rid of that noise and get the filament transported properly?

Thanks for any help!



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Mine did the same when the UM2 was brand new. I'd guess that the filament got hung up on its way into the hotend. It helps to cut a point on the filament rather than a flat end, the point will help the filament find its way. I also give it a bit of a helping push through the feeder!

The "tock tock tock" is the feeder stepper motor failing to push the filament through an obstacle. There may also have been grinding, i.e. a divot ground out of the filament which you'll have to cut away.


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