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Marvin - Show us yours?

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Hi guys,

Back again, I decided last night to try and get a perfect Marvin robot (the one from 3d hubs) but am having some real issues, and its making me question all the little changes etc.. I have done so far.

I printed the below, the left Marvin was printed on basic normal settings in cura on my UM2 straight out the box pretty much. The rihght is me printing it (after spending quite some timelevelling the bed etc.. and also doing bespoke settings listed below:

Layer Height 0.1

Shell thickness 0.8


bottom thickness 0.6

Fill density 50

Print speed 25


initial layer 0.1

Cooling fans set to 100% after first 3 layers.

I then printed this with normal PLA at 60c bed and 190c Nozzle

Take a look


The Marvin on normal takes around 20 mins to print, my settings took it about 43 mins.

TBH im pretty depressed right now - I thought I was getting somewhere over this last week learning about settings etc..

There are a few random questions I have, like should I be printing slower? Why does the right ear look so much worse. Should I put down the temp again? What is going on with the back?

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The marvin is not an easy print :)

And the blue PLA you receive with the printer is not the best filament too.

You settings seem good to me, what i would do is reduce the infill (no need for 50%) you can reduce to 20% or something like that (i'm not sure but it can maybe be printed without infill?

Except that you can maybe print two at once to let it cool better and position the marvins so that the right fan cools the one that's not being printed?

The right ear looks bad because it's not cooled well (the right fan is too far from the print).


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So actually the 50% fill was because I read on the 3dHubs site that it helped with some of the the form.

I have seen that people on 3d hubs have done a perfect print with it on UM2s and certainly alot better then mine.

Other then printing two is there any other suggestions?


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Try this : https://www.3dhubs.com/talk/thread/my-first-marvin?user=54644&timestamp=1426237694&otl-token=kZ2vbjIHF60RS021jD9xSma56li-0NeE0vb7cAywXG4&utm_medium=email&utm_source=transactional&utm_campaign=drupal_transactional

It says:

Layer Height: 0.1mm

Shell Thickness: 0.4mm

Retraction: enabled

Bottom/Top Thickness: 0.6mm

Fill: 0%

Print Speed: 20mm/s

Temp: 210C

Bed Temp: 70C

Filament Dia: 2.85

Flow: 100%

No Support or Adhesion

I also enabled combing and set the z-hop at 0.075


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As advised above I print Marvin as a twin.

I found the best orientation was with them each facing a fan i.e. built back to back facing left and right across the bed. This helps the air to flow between the legs as well as onto the faces, for the eye slots and top hat ridge.

Also position them with enough gap between for the fans to work on one while its twin is being made. This also helps to cool the top loops.


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Are you sure you are really printing at 25? Did you set 25 in the advanced tab of cura, or did you just set 25 in the basic settings speed (which will do nothing). Those overhangs in the lower part of the body are really nasty and they don't look printed at a speed of 25.


Ah when you say the advanced tab setting? Which setting in there should I be changing? I only changed on basic tab

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