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  1. £1400 seems like alot given UM3s sell for that. If you are able to come down I will take it off your hands straight away.
  2. do yuo mind just screen grabbing a pic for me? I cant see in cura that being an option anymore. In the old version i remember it but i cant see it in the new one. Big thanks in advance!
  3. you can keep the filament and i will take it today for the asking price.
  4. Is this still for sale? If so i will take it for the UK
  5. Hey Guys, I havent really ever had a need to change my nozzle size before. However recently i have been doing alot of basic block prints (and facemasks) so figured i would swap my 0.4 to a 0.8. I was assuming in Cura i would easily change a setting and it would update all the minor settings but i cant seem to find that. I have changed the layer width but I feel after a test print im going to need to change a whole bunch of other settings from wall thickness to other stuff. Am i missing something? WHat settings do people normally change?
  6. Hey Guys, On one of my UM3 machines i started getting ER18 issues, so i did what i had to do for another machine - reseated the cable, made sure the white cable was pulled down, used a shim etc.. that has always previously worked fine on some of my other machines. But it still didnt fix the issue, so i ordered a new cable and just installed that but im still getting the same issues. What else can I try?
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