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  1. Hi I quite often would like to customise an stl file say from youmagine or thingiverse. for this to be comfortable I would like to convert an stl file to a usable 3D file format ( preferable step file). I know that stl is basically only a description of triangles and a 3D file format such as step uses nurbs or other things, but is it possible to convert stl to a good format. my preferred 3D software is Moi, but happy to use blender ( though the interface is geeky to say the least) or auto desk software (I have education versions available) or sketchup, meshmixer, meshlab or open scad or any other freeware for the conversion. any hint how to do that could be great. thanks in advance.
  2. by hand: create two gcode files with different infill and then combine them by deleting the second part of one file at the layer height you wish and adding the second part of the other file.
  3. forget one thing, please provide keyboard shortcuts (user defined ) for all commands and values. the mouse is a clunky input device. would be great to be able to define shortcuts for often changed parameters and used commands.
  4. unfortunately I have to agree that multiple parts in cura 2.1.2 compared to 15.04.6 is really several steps backwords. the old cura beautifully placed the multiple objects on the platforms. duplicating repeatedly and then painfully have to shift single items around is nerve wracking ( slow in precise and objects are moved backwards when bumping into already placed objects rather then moving them. and it is so much slower and unresponsive compared to 15.04.6. just try to fill a platform say with nine objects which just have enough space on the print platform . old cura 1 click and a number. new cura takes fore ever. also the split feature is great and greatly missed. a fix could be to use the old cura to place objects and then use the split function in new cura when implemented. also scaling is still very buggy showing very strange numbers in the % columns sometimes.
  5. any chance you can upload the 40x40 version to somewhere? thanks again
  6. @neotko: thanks for your very detailed explanation and response. first please make sure you spent your time on your loved ones before answering me. i found a hopefully pair of 40x40 fans and get them shipped by eBay in the coming week. if suitable I let you guys know. I do not know Rhino well but can work on step files. where do you upload the latest design? youmagine? thanks for the idea I will try abs + caption + alu foil that sounds good. I will first try a "normal" setup and then the dual version. regarding the voltage I am still confused as people seem to use 24v and also 12 v reading in the forum. my has definitely 12 v, 0.06 A specs (my new ones have 0.08 so still within the recommended limit I hope. cheers and all the best, greengecko
  7. two more questions.... I was offered a fan from the Australian reseller labelled Ultimaker UMO+ fan upgrade but they claim it is 24 V. I checked the one that is installed currently at my Ultimaker (which is an original one but my UMO is old having still 1.5.3 electronics) and here I find 0.06 A and 12 v. I assume they would not go well together if installed in parallel. should I use 12v or 24v anyway? second I found a pwm-able 12v 0.1 A in my tech box. would it be possible to have an 0.06 A and an 0.1A installed in parallel? or has someone found a source here in Australia of fans that work and are affordable. thanks again and sunny greetings from Down Under
  8. Hi @neotko first thanks a lot for all your effort in providing this great manual. I am about to do it with 2 50x50 fans as well in my UMO. I have two questions. currently I have the dual color extension installed. do you think it would work for that by just adding another hole for the second nozzle? or would it get too hot? the second question do you think it is possible to either leave the bit around the nozzle hole basically open to avoid the closeness to the heating alu? or use a different material e.g. metall or something that does not burn easily as an connector and clip this into a frame like structure that connects the fan. would abs be strong enough if I do not have formfutura carbon and it is almost as expensive as gold to get it shipped to Australia ( if someone knows a reseller down under please let me know). thanks again also to @titus for being the test dummy :-)
  9. Thanks for the long detailed answer. when checking your exchange rate you are using a really strange one. I checked on xe and never found an exchange rate of 1.67 during January. the highest was 1.60 and on average about 10% below yours. if I use money transfers such as Transferwise I am. still a lot cheaper. moreover I think you are exempt from the gst import tax. so overall not really a good deal . btw the Canberra reseller has no webshop only a number to call.not really he info I would like to have. would it be too hard to show some prices as well. it would give me a hint if it would be worth to bother to think about buying from there.
  10. @korneel thanks for the hint with makerpoint I will have a look at their page and inquire their shipping costs. @labern: at least we have awesome filament (diamondage) to print with
  11. whow. honestly I probably will never buy an Ultimaker in an Australian webshop. imaginables is the suggested reseller Ultimaker 2+ in the webshop: 3900 Aussie dollar =2600 euros Ultimaker shop 1900 euros. even if I add 20 % Vat this is still only 2280 (and actually there would be only 10 % added by customs if send directly to Australia). so it is much cheaper to order it via a friend in Germany and get it send to Australia by normal post privately. about 50 euros so much for local is cheaper....(I even have to pay extra for shipping which is not included in the Aussie price....)
  12. @amedee Great I have my clicking sound back and otherwise works beautifully. I also like the fan option, as this kind of information helps when I print stuff where I use the tweak at Z plugin. Thanks again.
  13. hi @amedee yes this is exactly the sound I prefer a short keyboard click and yes the "old" sound is longer and to my liking a bit annoying. if possible you could let the user decide on the duration with a short explanation and a suitable default. though I would assume everyone would go for the short more pleasant version anyway. but that is maybe only me and my strange taste...
  14. @amedee thanks for your builder works like a charm. Only one question. In my last firmware the beeping sound at my ulticontroller was much more pleasant than with the new firmware. Can you tell me where this in the configuration file might be as I think I have to reupload the latest firmware (building it from scratch) or would it be possible to add a switch to your firmware builder. That would be great. Thanks again.
  15. @amedee and @gr5 great thanks I think I will go with amedees as I have a standard 100k thermistor with 4.7 pull-up so this should work and the marlin is a bit more recent than the one on robot fuzz builders. I let you know how it went.
  16. as there were recently some issues with the firmware if I am not mistaken. is it currently save to update the firmware (have not done if for a year or two)? if so which way is the best? cura, GitHub zalm or GitHub Ultimaker, GitHub Daid or robot fuzz? I have an OMU, dual extrusion, self build heated bed old electronics 1.5.3 . any advice would be great, thanks in advance.
  17. Great so there is something happening and thanks for the reply.
  18. so I was directed to this forum by sander. May question was why not fix the website and calling a beta a beta and directing to the last stable version of cura? my request was also fix it and not answer this post (at least one of your programmer agreed that this was a mistake, and about >5 posts in the forum do so), ...but too late... @SandervG: and yes I used the inappropriate button in the wrong sense I could not resist, because I am childish...
  19. so you are telling us. we know that it is a mistake (still at the website) which takes 10 minutes to fix, but a (bad) decision has been made together. you are avoiding an answer why not fix it? do not answer this post just change the websites!
  20. okay my Impression was all presentations are recorded. if not maybe this is an easy scoring point in the future. such videos could be a real asset and potentially would draw people's attention when looking for reasons why to buy an Ultimaker. I am not talking about live streaming and google handouts but these were there initially and maybe even make the meetings in the Netherlands more interesting if there are worldwide questions and spectators. enough back to my prints...
  21. @sander: maybe a misunderstanding I meant a complete video this is just merchandising. I always talked about the whole evening or at least the presentations. still don't get it why there is no better exploitation of this great feature to get people involved and informed on the activity. a lost opportunity.
  22. I ll try a bit longer. maybe annoyance beats ignorance :-) Posted Jun 22, 2015 - 3:19 PM Edit post @sander any news of uploading the last ulti-meeting. Is the video somewhere already?
  23. still the Same question remains
  24. @sander any news of uploading the last ulti-meeting. Is the video somewhere already?
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