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  1. It is a blend of polymers. No particle fill. I believe the satin finish, and the weird behavior where the material globs back on itself when you extrude into air, has to do with internal stresses in the material
  2. I really like the way this came out, so I'm sharing. Printed on an Ultimaker Original at full build volume. 0.8mm nozzle. 0.2mm layer height. colorfabb woodfill filament. Lighter color is as-printed. Darker is after stain with Red Mahogany wood stain. Model is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:438143
  3. For any US Ultimakers that want to give this material a try, but haven't wanted to pay the international shipping... I have placed a bulk pilot order. Most of it is 1.75mm, but I have about a dozen spools of 3.00mm (OK, really a near perfect 2.85 for the bowden :-P ). I'm selling these spools at essentially a group buy price of $39 with shipping included in the US only. Colors are lilac, light brown, and dutch orange. Limit of 1 spool per person to spread the love. If you happen to be able to pick it up locally in Newark, DE, then I will lower the price to $35. As a thank you, anyone
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