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  1. The silvery color of bauermakers first print is probably due to his choice of abrasive. Usually when using Aluminium or Stainless steel it leaves a silver finish (when polishing like this you're not only taking away a small amount of material of the surface of your piece, but also slightly degrading your abrasive material, which leaves a residue on your piece.) also, congrats on your 'leet' number of posts
  2. Yeah, it's 'Margo' from the new production company 'Bold Machines' that Bre Pettis (I still feel strangely betrayed whenever I come across his name...) is heading now he stepped down as CEO of Makerbot. They have released the models for 2 of their characters now (on Thingiverse, obviously): Margo Mr. Walthersnap (The villian). and according to their blog they will be providing more models in the weeks to come. They seems nicely modelled and all are already broken up in individual parts and optimized for build orientation, I was rather impressed. Haven't had the time to look at them for l
  3. Alternatively, you could increase the Bottom/Top Thickness so it would have more layers to eventually fill the final top layer: Say your using a layer-height of 0,2. A Bottom/Top Thickness of 0,8 would mean creating 4 solid layers at a local highpoint of the print. The first layer wil sag and string severely, the second one would have little to build apon but more so than the first, same goes for the third and finaly you'd have to hope by the forth layer it will be solid and flawless. Increasing the Bottom/Top Thickness to 1,2 would give it 2 extra layers to even out the surface. I've been
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