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  1. It's irregular horizontal banding. It might have these origins: - model (check Cura's layer view) - temperature variation at the hotend (some people got it more steady by applying copper to improve thermal contact between heater block, temp sensor and heater cartridge, others succeeded by running the autopid feature) - bang-bang mode of the heated bed (UM2); recompile the firmware with activated pid mode for the heated bed This list might be imcomplete.
  2. I had some issues with interlayer adhesion but I had that with any PET material I tried so far except XT clear made in 2013.
  3. I heard it would not be revolutionary but innovative...
  4. Not everybody can login... as I just wrote you, I still do not get reset emails... :( It's a pity I can't change my profile's name anymore. I would really be in a mood to change it to 'TheAnnoyedGuyKnownAsDim3nsioneer'.
  5. Nope. I still cannot login. As I said, it will at least take another week for UM to fix it. Time is running...
  6. I - or rather my other self - had the same issue; see https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/7907-horizontal-banding-on-um2
  7. I'm actually a bit pissed off as I have to write this post a second time after I was hit by a timeout of the forum when finishing it the first time... :( @TheGuyKnownAsAndersOlsson: Welcome back among the living, or are we rather the walking dead? I wonder how many TheGuyKnownAs-Logins we might get... @Daid: Although I'm seriously concerned about the consequences your posts may have for you, Ultimaker and this community, you have my full respect. Let's hope it helps to push things into the right direction. I'm actually worried about the fact that R&D people were apperently ignored when
  8. Well, it would be tempting to say if many people are on holiday then it's the wrong time to switch systems when the old one still works fine. But it happened to me in the past that IT people just told me what I wanted to hear when I asked them about possible problems of e.g. a release change.
  9. Please make a video when your UMO starts to hover... Seriously: Be careful and make sure that the parts which need cooling get it. Usually a lateral flow is better for cooling than a frontal flow.
  10. Well, it's you among others who has to delete the spam posts... I have nothing against making the login issue top priority...
  11. It might be breathtaking if there are even three options: notify instantaneously, once per day and once per week...
  12. Uhm...guys...this public discussion... I have a very bad feeling about this...
  13. Just from another UM forum user telling me he cannot login but not something like a solution from the developer... Well, if the developer would have a similar attitude as you, he would also work 7 days a week to solve the problems, wouldn't he?
  14. And I thought I'm the only impatient guy... Let's face the truth: It will take at least another week until everybody can login properly again. Mainly because the login issue is not top priority (I guess the spam problem is, which is not completely wrong...). In addition the people responsible for fixing issues of the new forum might also be responsible for other parts of the Ultimaker web presence. I was told they are currently working 7 days per week. Actually, I prefer having the issue really fixed and not having everything else screwed up by a fast bugfix. But it should not take forever..
  15. Hey swordriff, don't panic! I'm here... It's true some of the users, including me, still cannot login due to whatever software problem. I have been in close contact with Sander for the last few days and he has been - as usual - very helpful (although I was nailing him every day about the issue... ). I was also told that the login problem is not top priority but is worked on. I guess top priority atm really has the spamming issue. They are working on it and should come with a solution soon. But it wont be a charge, I suppose, as this forum should be kept free. Rather it's going to be the ol
  16. It's getting worse by the hour. The forum's main page with sorting 'by latest' has turned useless due to all the spamming.
  17. History seems to repeat itself with the 2015 forum... the new forum already has a serious spamming problem!
  18. Maybe you find the part you are looking for here. Otherwise you have to be a bit more specific what part you are exactly looking for.
  19. I agree with you, Didier. And it was me who just liked your post, so it's not completely anonymous anymore...
  20. As someone just liked my previous post: Is it correct that the likes are now anonymous? At least you cannot like your own posts anymore... (well I could like the posts of my normal login and fake a few points... hehehe... )
  21. Sounds good. I think I'll be at 3D printshow on Thursday and Friday but will still be in London on Saturday evening... but it's not yet fixed... busy with planning.
  22. Any news on this? I'm seriously considering going there.
  23. Another two things I'm missing and might be added for completion of the new forum: - A button for jumping to the forum top when you are somewhere in your profile. - Location and printer text within the short profile text in each post (I wonder that gr5 didn't mention it so far, or did he? ). This really helps finding solutions to problems posted on the forum!
  24. you have quite the long name that breaks the website. O_O Well, should be only temporarily. I hope I can write again as 'Dim3nsioneer' next week But it shows some other issue to fix on this forum.
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