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  1. Just set the nozzle temperature to for example 20 dC, the failsafe of the printer will not execute the extrusion commands.
  2. In the top level menu: settings -> printer -> manage printers, select machine settings. At least from Cura 2.3 onwards you can change the nozzle diameter of your configuration. For easy selection you can create multiple machine instances with different nozzles sizes. Alternatively change the Line Width in the print setup, this also works. gr. Marco
  3. Almost the last one https://www.youmagine.com/aarif-khan/activity
  4. Spam in the comments of my recent upload to YouMagine. Seems that I'm in the need for more "love", damn I knew it From: https://www.youmagine.com/lovespecialists/activity https://www.youmagine.com/aghoritantrikbaba/activity
  5. marco3D


    Version 1.0.0


    I designed and printed a dolphin jumping out of the sea. The dolphin was printed with Bronzefill. The base was printed using NGEN clear for the outer walls and blue PLA for the infill, thus creating a nice blueish sea. Printfiles: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/dolphin Marco
  6. I also have a webcam attached to my OctoPrint box. When I compare the visualisation of the gcode viewer with the live stream, I must say it synchronises fairly good. When I look at the source code it only seems to buffer a few commands ahead from a serial stream.
  7. Hi, OctoPrint has a Gcode viewer which synchronises with the job progress. This will give you a live view. But it only supports Gcode (UMO(+) and not the UM2/3 flavours that I know of. gr. Marco
  8. Version 1.0


    I started fiddling with Blender, and ended up with this monster.
  9. marco3D


    Version 1.0


    A statue of a stylised duck on a stand. Printed using colorfabb's bronzefill.
  10. Version 1.0


    Ultimaker Robot
  11. Superglue works for me. I use a gel version, like "BISON SECONDELIJM GEL - BISON 1490269". Marco
  12. [print=7289][/print] Created for the cosplay design contest. I had a lot of fun creating it. Marco
  13. Version 1.0


    Sonic Screwdriver from the 10th Doctor Who
  14. Ok, that seems to work. I learned that line width is normally automatically derived from nozzle diameter, for all machines types (top level UI or machine config). You can indeed set line width from the top UI dialog by overrulling the automatic value set. Then all other parameters are derived from this value. The parameter is stored, so kept upon next use of Cura. Thank you Neo! gr. Marco P.s. it still seems a bit artificial and limited to make this difference in user interaction between the various ultimaker models.
  15. Hi, I recently upgraded from Cura 15.04 to version 2.3. I'm the proud owner of an Ultimaker Original+ which I modified to include an Olsson block. I noticed in Cura 2.3 that the top level interface dialog box "nozzle size" setting has disappeared. It seems only available for the 2+ versions, and deeply hidden away in machine settings interface for other models. Does anyone know: 1) How to get around this for my specific machine (O+ with Olsson), i.e. get this top level UI setting back? 2) Will it be back in future upgrades of Cura, is it on the backlog? thanks, gr. Marco P.s. I notice
  16. Compliments on your entries. It's a tough competition Marco
  17. Hi all, I recently designed and printed a piano book stand. Using colorFabb Woodfill, showing off with my Ultimaker Original+ printing at a whopping speed of 150 mm/s. Total print time for the object is about 44 hours. See timelapse video at: I used this for the colorFabb time-lapse competition. So voting for me (entry tlc_piano) is of course appreciated see http://learn.colorfabb.com/time-lapse-contest-2015-finalists/ Printfiles have been uploaded to youmagine. greetings, Marco
  18. To save multiple objects in Fusion360: * first make sure the objects you intend to save are visible, and the objects you do not want included in the file are not visible. * select the toplevel filename in the browser using right-click. * then select "save to STL" * in the pop-up menu you can choose between one file with multiple objects, or multiple files with one object each. I still think you will need to design some small thin connection between the socket joint and ball which you can break after printing, as starting to print from mid-air will probably not work Marco
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