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  1. Very bad it's not working properly, instead of making a new version every 15 days, please consider to do one wich is working. I was a Ultimaker fan but now it's over, i'll definitely by another brand for my next machine
  2. Hello, Unfortunately I won't be able to take a screenshot as cura as stopped working again......I'd like to say that i'm fed up with this situation but it's a lot more than this.....I'm selling my UM3 to buy another machine.
  3. So every day you lose your profiles (quality profiles I presume?). When that happens you remove all of Cura (through uninstall of manually deleting the folders?). Then you re-install it and you next day it happens again? So it isn't about Cura crashing at startup but about that the quality profiles (or material profiles?) go missing? First it was about Cura crashing at startup, so I manually deleted all the cura files in the computer in order to make 304 work permanently. The second issue I have is loosing all the quality profiles (automatic and custom quality profiles), for this the
  4. So after removing your profile, Cura runs once? Could you post you logfiles after you have started Cura once? So what I did to make 3.04 worked is cleaning everything concerning Cura in my computer, the trick is that when you install 3.04 it doesn't appear with the other programm, you have to manually search it in the programmes folder. And this is no more in the cura folder, the folder now is "ultimaker cura 3.0". So after removing all version it work but I loose my profiles (original ones and custom ones) every day, even after making a factory reset on the printer also. Everytime
  5. And I've no cosmetic problems. My problem is that the programm crash, I finnaly got this issue resolved by myself Now I lost all my profile everytime I open Cura. So you are less inclined to help me ? Anyway did you help me before ?..........no I opened 2 topics in the past that no one answered, and now that I become more aggressive someone is finnally answering !
  6. I posted a very similar problem in july, And of course no one replied, So all I can see is that you only answer when you feel under attack.
  7. Hello again, For you information my problem has not been resolve by 3.04, The only solutions that I find by MYSELF, is to erase the configuration folder everymorning. Yesterday I spent 5 hours to "fix" the problem that is not fixed in 3.0.4 has you were saying. I never sayed that my problem was fixed in a new version but in a older version. What I want to accomplish is to get an answer, as I can see that a lot of questions are not answerd by Ultimaker. All I can say is that I'm really happy about the machine but definitelly not about the support.
  8. Hello, Same problem........can't launch cura 3.0.3, had to go back to 2.7 Very annoying to have a new version every 15 days Please try the version before release
  9. Hello, After a few days using this version, I lost all my profile........ I unistall cura and now I tried to reinstall it 15 times it doesn't work After the installation when I launch it just give the small beginning windows and then nothing more, can't find cura anywhere on my computer, I had to reinstall 2.7, wich is working. I often have this Profile problem, they get lost........even the ones I created can't be import, it says succesfully import but they are not in the list; I must say that I start to be very fed up with all this issue, one day it's the printer and the other day
  10. Hi everymaker, I open this topic to share my experience with the 3D Solex Hard Core. I wanted to print abarasive filament ( like carbon, copper, brass, sandstone.......) with my UM3 but first of all the original core is 0.4mm and must of them will stuck in the nozzle, and second, it would ruined my nozzle in a few spool...... The other issue is to print wood filament, I tried with the original core, sometimes it works and sometimes the nozzle cog at any stage of the print. After research on the web I found this Norway Company: http://3dsolex.com/ They offer print core for UM2 and UM3, wit
  11. Hello I just bought a Hardcore from 3d Solex for my UM3 With this core you can easily change nozzle, I choosed the option wit: 0.25/0.4/0.6/0.8 and 1.0 nozzle They also sale the Everlast nozzle, wich you can use with abrasive filament. Have a nice day Matthieu
  12. Hello, I'm trying to install Cura 2.6.1 or 2.6.2 but I can't. The installer can't run the script Arcus.pyd. What should I do ? Thanks Matthieu
  13. Merci a vous pour vos réponses, Effectivement en jouant et rusant un peu on peu gagner un temps considerable !!!
  14. Hello, I'm using a UM3 for one month now and I often get problem with the Wifi connection. I run the wifi setup, the printer connect to cura for a few seconds and then there is a message telling me that the connection with the printer was lost......... I did this for 2 days now but it's not working........ Sometimes it work for a few days, and then it stop working for no reason.... Could someone help me ? Thank you Matthieu
  15. Bonjour, Je viens de faire l’acquisition d'une UM3, Je dois dire que les résultats sont bluffant...... J'ai débuté avec une Prusa I3 pendant deux ans vous imaginez donc le changement !!! Cependant j'ai un peu de mal sur les temps d'impression que j’obtiens avec cura. En passant par Slice 3 et ma Prusa j’obtiens des temps d'impression inférieur. Ma question est donc: Est il raisonnable d'augmenter la vitesse d'impression sachant que j'utilise du fil UM et que la vitesse est prédéfinie ? Les temps d'impression dans certains cas me paraissent démesurés. Merci d'avance Matthieu
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