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  1. flyntm

    Cura Very Slow to Start

    Hi there, I'm running Cura 3.6.0 on a Mac Pro (2013) with Ver 10.14.2 OS. When I start Cura the "Splash Screen" comes up and it says configuring. After roughly 30 sec. the Splash Screen goes away. The Force Quit app shows that Cura is "Unresponsive", but If I leave it alone for roughly 3:30 Cura will start up and work as expected. What's with this slow startup?
  2. flyntm

    Temperature Graph in 3.6

    If you find it, let me know! Thanks
  3. flyntm

    Temperature Graph in 3.6

    Thanks for your reply, but the Monitor tab didn't take me there. It only lead me to the Maintainance page. But, if I go to http://192.168.1.???/default.html (the IP address of the printer, it gives me this. Which is what I was looking for. Just in case somebody else is searching for it. Thanks again!
  4. flyntm

    Temperature Graph in 3.6

    I'm probably just missing it, but in previous versions of Cura I've been able to find real time graphs of the print bed and print head temperatures. Where are those graphs in Ver 3.6.0?
  5. I have been using the new Cura Connect 3.0.4 for a couple of days and I have a few thoughts and wanted to hear what others are thinking. In general I like the new UI layout. I only have one printer so the main new feature, Cura Connect, is of little use to me. I do miss seeing the operational information (Bed and head Temperatures) of the printer(s). This info shows me why the printer hasn't started and gives me an idea when it will be ready. Plus, it gives me the warm fuzzies that everything is performing as expected. Thoughts?
  6. flyntm

    PP won't stick

    I can't get PP to stick to the build plate at all. I'm using the default Cura settings for PP, an adhesive sheet, an AA 0.4 head, and Fine printing. The brim doesn't even stick. Suggestions?
  7. flyntm

    Cura 2.7 White Screen on Mac

    I resolved this by installing a later version of High Sierra Beta.
  8. I'm trying to print a large part on a U3. Essentially, it's a flat disk that's mostly flat on one side and some simple vertical features on the other. On the flat side, there's a small circular recess in the center. The disk is large enough that Cura forces me to turn off SUPPORT so that it will fit on the build plate. OK... I understand why it's requires that for any support that might be needed towards the outside of the disk, but I only need a small amount of support for the recess in the center of the build plate. It seems that it should be doable, but I can't figure out how with in Cura. I have tried turning on support and setting the "Support X/Y Distance" to 0 but that does not do it. Thanks for your help.
  9. I've recently installed Cura 2.7 on my MacPro running High Sierra Ver. 10.13 Beta. When I go to any of the Setup Screens like Preferences, the window that opens is blank (all white). If I wiggle the mouse over the white screen, the images I would expect flash on and off briefly. When I stop it goes white again. To say the least, it makes it difficult to make any selections. I did not see this problem with the previous Beta version. Thanks for your assistance.
  10. flyntm

    What are "Helpers"

    One more question. Why did Cura generate that support tube that runs up the middle and doesn't support anything? On the other hand, why didn't it generate a cylinder to support the middle circular bearing?
  11. flyntm

    What are "Helpers"

    Thanks for the help. I just realized that there are a bunch of Setup features that are normally "hidden". That helps a lot!
  12. flyntm

    What are "Helpers"

    While you are at it, is there a way to reduce the amount of support material used? Reduce the density? In this case the amount used seems to be overkill.
  13. flyntm

    What are "Helpers"

    Here is a screenshot. By "Helper" I'm referring to the square on the right which is not part of my model.
  14. flyntm

    What are "Helpers"

    I have loaded a new model and for some reason Cura 2.6.1 is adding a "Helper" to the build. It doesn't appear to touch the model so what the heck is a "helper" and what does it help? I can't find any settings in Cura 2.6.1 to disable "Helpers" Thanks for your "helper".
  15. I was wondering if anyone has any insight on how long a U3 Print Core should last and what are the symptoms that it needs to be replaced.

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