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  1. I am very happy to report that after replacing the two fans everything is now up and running again. Printing the first post disaster part as I'm writing this. It runs very smoothly indeed. In fact, the two new fans seem to be significantly quieter than the old ones. So I gained something out of the disaster after all. And I did learn a great deal. So here's to a happy end. Thanks again to all of you who stood by with sound advice. Very much appreciated.
  2. Yes, indeed! πŸ˜„ Turns out I inadvertently fryed both fans with the heat gun in the process of freeing the Olsson block from its nylon mess πŸ₯³ There I was paying careful attention not to overheat any wires and other parts, but obviously I messed up with the fans. But then the heatgun is kind of a blunt instrument. Anyway, replacements are already on the way, not much of a problem. On the bright side I got to know the whole printer better. You learn the most about any instrument or tool by taking it apart πŸ™‚
  3. After replacing the hotend and almost every other parts in the printhead known to mankind, the printer is now up and running again. Kinda. Alas, I must have unplugged the fan wires somewhere along the cumbersome process of threading the sensor and heater wires. So back to taking everything apart. Again πŸ™„
  4. The blowtorch did the trick. I wouldn't say good as new, but I guess it's still very much usable. Thanks again! πŸ˜ƒ πŸ‘
  5. I got the hotend free from its aluminium support. Heating the whole thing up and then turning the isolator got that one free. After that I got a couple of chunks of the Nylon blob away and finally got through to the screw that holds the hotend to the aluminium plate. Whew. I have already ordered all of the necessary spare parts. Maybe I can yet salvage the ruby nozzle, but it's going to be tough and messy. Maybe I'll be able to dissolve the Nylon filament in acetic acid (don't worry, I'm a professional) but then this may attack the brass as well. But it's at least worth a try. If i
  6. The reason why I cut the wires is that I got the dreaded "heat sensor error" after turning on the printer, so I couldn't heat up the nozzle. I'll now try to unpack the hotend by means of the heat gun. Messy business.
  7. Thank you guys and gals πŸ˜ƒ Using the heat gun trick I got as far as disassembling the fan plate and heat coupler. Some prying with a screwdriver was also involved. Now the hotend is a different story... there's a thick layer of Nylon all around it and no way of getting to the screws. Let's see what heating the hotend leads up to. I'll keep you posted. However this turns out, I'm probably gonna end up ordering a new Olsson block, heater, sensor, and nozzle. Could have been worse, I guess.
  8. As the title implies, I'm a bit in trouble πŸ€” I Started printing with Fiberforce Nylforce carbon fiber and at first, everything ran smoothly. After babysitting the print for the first couple of layers I then left to go about some othe business. When I got back to the printer later, it was stuck with "Temp Sensor Error". Apparently the print got loose from the bed and a big blob of material is now stuck around the nozzle and oozed inside the print head where it accumulated around the temperature sensor and what not (see pictures) πŸ€• Since the carbon fibre is rather tough I can't see
  9. Will do, as soon as the package arrives at my doorstep ?
  10. ...where it says "experimental" ?
  11. "Ultimaker Tough PLA can be printed on Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker 3 family printers." (Source) I guess, as it is "as easy to print as PLA", it will also print perfectly on an UM 2+ ?
  12. Have you checked the actual diameter of your filament? (Determine at several places in 2 directions (90Β°). I once had a woody filament that was only about 1,6 mm despite its declaration of 1,8 and it also under extruded for this reason. Giving Cura the actual diameter of the filament fixed this issue. Other than that, I guess it could be that your teflon coupler needs replacement.
  13. Just when you thought you had all of the preferences checked out. Thank you so much!
  14. Just a thought, and I'm sure it has come up somewhere already, and it's not a bug per se, but a minor annoyance. But wouldn't it be nice if the slicing could be held off until all of the settings in cura are made? I find it mildly annoying, especially with bigger and more complex builds when cura starts slicing after every single parameter change. Or, at the very least, make it optional to behave one way or the other as I'm sure some folks like it the way it is
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