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  1. Will do, as soon as the package arrives at my doorstep ?
  2. ...where it says "experimental" ?
  3. "Ultimaker Tough PLA can be printed on Ultimaker S5 and the Ultimaker 3 family printers." (Source) I guess, as it is "as easy to print as PLA", it will also print perfectly on an UM 2+ ?
  4. Have you checked the actual diameter of your filament? (Determine at several places in 2 directions (90°). I once had a woody filament that was only about 1,6 mm despite its declaration of 1,8 and it also under extruded for this reason. Giving Cura the actual diameter of the filament fixed this issue. Other than that, I guess it could be that your teflon coupler needs replacement.
  5. Just when you thought you had all of the preferences checked out. Thank you so much!
  6. Just a thought, and I'm sure it has come up somewhere already, and it's not a bug per se, but a minor annoyance. But wouldn't it be nice if the slicing could be held off until all of the settings in cura are made? I find it mildly annoying, especially with bigger and more complex builds when cura starts slicing after every single parameter change. Or, at the very least, make it optional to behave one way or the other as I'm sure some folks like it the way it is
  7. Stupid question: how doI get the new firmware into the machine? Couldn't find a "howto"
  8. I don't mean to gripe and grumble, but I genuinely wonder how this bug could have slipped the beta version? 3.2.beta already had it, after all.
  9. Thanks. Good to see the problem has been identified.
  10. @csmicfool: hold the shift key on your keyboard while right-mouse-dragging.
  11. Short answer: Yes, I'm absolutely, positively sure. And let me qualify this statement by saying that I would have to physically haul the printer across the room to even get it in range for an USB cable. Long answer: I bought my UM2+ early in January. While setting it up, I installed Cura 3.1, which was the latest version back then, and updated the printer's firmware. I then disconnected the USB cable and moved the printer to its dedicated place across the room, where it sits ever since. I did many successful prints with 3.1. After the 3.2 beta came out, I wanted to give it a try, so I installed it along 3.1 and sliced a couple of things with this beta version. All of them failed due to the problem in question. I posted about this in the other thread, deleted 3.2 Beta and again successfully printed stuff sliced with 3.1. Along came 3.2 stable. I decided to give it a go and everything I printed with it instantly failed again. So I once again went back to 3.1 and everything is printing fine once again. Just the other day I printed some more filament spool clips from a file I had on my memory card. The print failed and I just then remembered that the file in question was sliced with 3.2 beta back then. Synopsis: - The printer firmware is from Cura 3.1. - Everything sliced with Cura 3.1 prints fine - Everything sliced with Cura 3.2.x fails.
  12. Yes, see posts above Welcome to the club. I don't think it's the firmware since it only happens with prints sliced with Cura 3.2 and not with 3.1 on my printer with the same firmware (_2.6.2).
  13. Thank you for looking into it. Here's the part sliced with 3.1. I'm not sure I have all the settings 100% identical to the version created with 3.2, but it mostly should be. dowel3_1.gcode BTW, after carefully watching what happens at the end of the 3.2 print, I don't think that the nozzle presses down in this sense. It looks more like the nozzle stays on top of the print and the printer extrudes a blob of plastic on top of it, resulting in the nozzle clogging and the extruder grinding. After that, the print head homes.
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