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  1. If you hover your mouse over the time it will show you how much time is spend on different step like infill, travel, retract... so it will give you an idea where to save time. You might wanna look at you speed to see if it's low, maybe your infill is set too high like if you have 100% infill it will use the top/bottom printing speed and it's often slower than infill speed.
  2. HAHA I was doing something with my shipwheel knob(not gonna tell you what XD) when I looked at the screen and I saw the block game that you have to move sideways with a ball to break the block!! nice easter egg!
  3. Hello dear ultimaker community, Is there by chance a official full 3D model of an ultimaker 2+ Extended? Because I would like to build my own top and front cover and it would really help me if I have the model. Thanks in advance Me
  4. ok thanks @fbrc8-erin I did not do a factory reset i'll try that. Edit: it worked!
  5. I'm about to change material on my ultimaker 2+ extended but just as i'm putting the material in the interface I see no option for PP. On this page https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-2-plus it's says it's not optimized for it and on this page https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/49799-material-compatibility?utm_source=cura&utm_medium=software&utm_campaign=resources it's says that it can ???? My firmware is up to date also. Do I choose a random material and change it right before printing?
  6. Ok i'll try doing that!
  7. I have the Ultimaker 2+ and my only time doing TPU95A was with a part with no support and I looked up tips before and that is where i saw the oven trick. So I put the spool in a little toaster oven at like 75C for like 30 min and another 30 min on the buildplate in the printer at 60C but I live in canada so it's less humid maybe it's a big factor.
  8. @Brulti when you say space between the support and the part do you mean in the x and y axes?
  9. @SandervG the is the part I want to try flexible with. I might change the geometry a bit but it's only the thickness and removing the cylinder at the top because for the rest it will be the same.
  10. Thanks a lot @SandervG that's perfect for me!
  11. I would like to print a part in TPU95A on my UM2E+ but the part need to have support because of flat surface so i was wondering if the support can be in TPU95A?
  12. Hello can you tell me what is your printer and maybe you should try to dry it first in the oven at 60 C 1h to 2h maybe
  13. I have the ultimaker 2+ extended but my question is more about the support section of Cura. Sometime I need support in place that are not touching the building plate but I have some small holes that doesn't need support so I was wondering if there was a option to choose individualy the place I need support and the place I don't?. I'll still use the automatic support finder that the software use when you see red at the support place but I would like to choose which one I want to keep.
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