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  1. Thank you @ahoeben! Sorry if I continue to ask really basic questions, but now that I have the .curapackage file, how do I make Cura install it? When I download them from the marketplace, Cura automatically fills out the packages.json with relevant metadata and then installs in on next launch. Should I just fill that information in manually or is there a better way to test it? Also @Smithy if you go to the bottom and use the sign in with Ultimaker Forum button everything should work fine!
  2. I am trying to write a plugin similar to the Dremel plugin in the Cura marketplace. I it want to install the printer definition, quality profiles, etc. via a plugin. Looking at the Dremel plugin, when downloaded it is stored in the cache as a .curapackage and then installed the next time Cura is run. What is the best way for me to get Cura to do a similar thing for my plugin? I have tried various ways of imitating the way Cura installs the Dremel plugin when downloaded to the marketplace but to no avail. Eventually I want to submit it to the marketplace but I want to test the installation to debug my code before I do. I'm sorry if this is an amateur question, I'm very new to writing plugins for Cura.
  3. I am trying to add multiple search and replace scripts. It would be significantly easier if I could automatically generate the text strings to be found and replaced, but I cannot find where those are stored. Does anyone know where user entered search and replace data is stored in the file system? Either OSX or Windows is fine.
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