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  1. Thanks @nallath! I think I can make it work by tying in to the machine action. For my own learning, do you have any idea why the window might be timing out on Mac? Is there a place I could look to figure that out?
  2. I'm adding a feature to my plugin (HRNautilus in the Marketplace) that largely mimics Cura's WelcomePagesModel. The user installs the plugin and on initial reboot of Cura it pops a flow of windows that makes setting up Cura for the Nautilus easier. I have adapted the WelcomePagesModel to successfully guide the user through the flow and it works great on the Windows machine I've been testing with. For some reason on my Macbook, the window disappears after anywhere from 1-10 seconds. Does anyone have an idea what might be causing this timeout? I've looked into the Log and there are no statements timed up with the disappearing of the window. I also added a button to manually start the welcome flow and the same issue occurs, though the window stays visible for slightly longer before vanishing. Source code for the plugin with all of the welcome flow can be found here. The welcome flow is run by HydraWelcome.py (in /files) and all the qml is in /files/qml/welcome. If anyone wants to test this, I'm happy to send or post a .curapackage for easy install.
  3. I believe you can call it as in the definition, but you have to change the syntax of the setting slightly: <cura:setting key="material_flow">100</cura:setting>
  4. I'm working on a plugin that generates a flow of QML windows when Cura is booted up with the plugin installed. I've been using some aspects of the WelcomePagesModel as a model for my workflow. About 30-50% of the time when booting Cura to test my plugin, it crashes and the log throws the error: UM.View.RenderBatch.render [219]: VAO not created. Hell breaks loose I looked at the Uranium documentation but that's a little low level for my skills. Can anyone offer some background/context what the VAO does/is or why I might be breaking its ability to be created some of the time?
  5. Cura didn't like that option, something about that seems to mess up infill_line_density (that's the setting value in the second log statement). My cura log returned: 2019-11-08 11:30:11,179 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [88]: File "/Users/ultimaker/build/4.3/build/inst/lib/python3.5/site-packages/UM/Settings/SettingFunction.py", line 98, in __call__ 2019-11-08 11:30:11,183 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [88]: File "<UM.Settings.SettingFunction (0x60001287fc18) =0 if infill_sparse_density == 0 else (infill_line_width * 100) / infill_sparse_density * (2 if infill_pattern == 'grid' else (3 if infill_pattern == 'triangles' or infill_pattern == 'trihexagon' or infill_pattern == 'cubic' or infill_pattern == 'cubicsubdiv' else (2 if infill_pattern == 'tetrahedral' or infill_pattern == 'quarter_cubic' else (1 if infill_pattern == 'cross' or infill_pattern == 'cross_3d' else 1)))) >", line 1, in <module> 2019-11-08 11:30:11,186 - DEBUG - [MainThread] UM.Logger.logException [88]: NameError: name 'infill_pattern' is not defined
  6. I'm interested in conditionally setting infill, e.g. infill_pattern == 'grid' if infill_sparse_density >65 else 'lines'. Can this be achieved within a quality profile?
  7. Do quality profiles support conditional statements the way definitions do? If so, what is the syntax?
  8. I am interested in writing a plugin to change a couple of things in the recommended sidebar view to make them easier to use. Is it possible to add/replace elements of RecommendedPrintSetup? I saw the Cura-SidebarGUI plugin by @ahoeben which appears to rebuild a custom preview stage from scratch, which is more than I'd like to do. As an example, I would like to replace the Adhesion check box with a drop down or slider to select brim, skirt, etc. Any tips/advice/examples to look at would be appreciated!
  9. Thank you @ahoeben! Sorry if I continue to ask really basic questions, but now that I have the .curapackage file, how do I make Cura install it? When I download them from the marketplace, Cura automatically fills out the packages.json with relevant metadata and then installs in on next launch. Should I just fill that information in manually or is there a better way to test it? Also @Smithy if you go to the bottom and use the sign in with Ultimaker Forum button everything should work fine!
  10. I am trying to write a plugin similar to the Dremel plugin in the Cura marketplace. I it want to install the printer definition, quality profiles, etc. via a plugin. Looking at the Dremel plugin, when downloaded it is stored in the cache as a .curapackage and then installed the next time Cura is run. What is the best way for me to get Cura to do a similar thing for my plugin? I have tried various ways of imitating the way Cura installs the Dremel plugin when downloaded to the marketplace but to no avail. Eventually I want to submit it to the marketplace but I want to test the installation to debug my code before I do. I'm sorry if this is an amateur question, I'm very new to writing plugins for Cura.
  11. I am trying to add multiple search and replace scripts. It would be significantly easier if I could automatically generate the text strings to be found and replaced, but I cannot find where those are stored. Does anyone know where user entered search and replace data is stored in the file system? Either OSX or Windows is fine.
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