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  1. I ended up abandoning this a while ago. I hope to pick it up again now that I have a fancy pants Proxmark.
  2. Boom! That was the answer. Thank you for this insight. Now I need to solve the the NDEF issue Daid mentioned above. Only done a cursory look into duplicating my tag without success, so I may attempt to write my own interface for the tags to write with my phone.
  3. I bought a few spools on special of the non NFC ulitmaker filament and would love to be able to program my own tags with the material ID. I dumped one of the tags and it shows an NTAG216, but the memory space appears to only be less than half used. Has anyone had any luck creating their own identifier tags? I tried to SSH into my S5 to try and find the database for the materials but came up with nothing. (I attached my dump of my spool of Black Tough PLA if that helps) 04-7A-95-92-66-5A-80_2019-07-13 19-46-05_taginfo_scan.log
  4. if its manual, you set a specific IP in the settings of Cura. It means it should be more reliable to pick it up. I have mine added both ways, manually and automatic. neither pick up the printer. its the only one in my house, whats not working?
  5. I have the same issue. I have it configured static, but have to go into settings, then connect, pick the printer, connect again, EVERY time. I've resorted to never close Cura for the convenience. I have no idea how the Cloud stuff is supposed to work either. Do you have to have Cura open on a "host" computer or something?
  6. Am I just dense? Where is the setting to turn off the frame lights? -edit- Yep... I was two updates behind. On 5.2 and the lights finally turn off. I'm so happy.
  7. This is a bit of a necro, but the calibration print is supposed to be misaligned except for in 1 place. Thats how the machine knows how to calibrate itself. found this post via google, figure other people might too.
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