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  1. In Cura 3.6 (waiting for IT to install newest version), I carefully place and scale Support Blockers but they are not taken into account! It makes no difference in the build preview, there's support everywhere, through the Support Blockers as well.
  2. I used a lot a small Zortrax printer and, while it had other problems, the parts it produced were of excellent dimensional accuracy. Parts fitted well together without any post-processing. I don't think it made fancy thermal control, they just got very good default settings for each material they sell, probably by doing a bunch of tests...
  3. Oh yes, that's it, thanks! I've never seen a merge function move geometry, but now I know...
  4. There's definitively a need for profiles that produces accurate parts without fiddling into settings. I'm quite disappointed in our S5 to get such inaccurate parts. Holes are too small and posts are too big, by a lot and on all the materials we used up to now. We're not supposed to go through a trial-and-error process with a new machine, using Ultimaker's materials, and simple parts that needs to be assembled together.
  5. Just for people who encounters this problem, I don't know what was wrong... I did not see it again and was able to open a slightly different file of the same models. 😥
  6. My goal was to print a part in nylon with a TPU overmolding. It seems like there's no way to set this up in Cura. When I open a STL file that has two bodies, they are not recognized as such and there's no way to assign an extruder to a body independently of the other. If I open two STL files, their position in space relative to one another is not respected. I can move one body to try to get it near where I want (after I discovered the option to disable "Automatically drop models to the build plate") but it's not precise, especially with Cura's display and perspective view.
  7. No I can't, it's sensitive information (and it's 186MB)
  8. Thanks for looking into this. I waited until the progress bar finished and disappeared. And just tried again and did not touch it for an hour with the same result. I tried with another, a little bit simpler, file and it opened fine in a few seconds.
  9. Yes, sure. Here's the log file edited so it includes one session: cura_2018-12-12.log
  10. I saved my project that has several parts and several custom settings for the S5 into a .3mf file and now, if I try to open it, nothing shows. I tried both options presented to me, "open as project" or "import models" with the same result. The file 186MB so there's something in there...
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